America’s Gun Problem is Here to Stay

The obstacles to fixing the problem are many.

US-France Submarine Contretemps

American cheese will henceforth be known as liberté cheese. And not because of the metric system.

Trump Orders Syria Strikes. So Now What?

It’s not at all clear that there is a useful strategy at work here.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Delay El Al Flight Over Women Passengers

There is apparently such a thing as too Jewish.

No, Damn It, Army Generals Aren’t Exempt From Uniform Regulations

When will BG Jeffrey Sinclair get an effing haircut?

Airline Passengers Are Revolting

Airlines are squeezing ever-larger passengers into ever-smaller spaces. Naturally, the passengers are taking it out on the other passengers.

NSC Nonproliferation Director Fired for Tweeting

Jofi Joseph was unmasked as the obnoxious @NatSecWonk and fired by the White House.

Reconsidering The Petraeus Hagiography

The scandal now surrounding David Petraeus should lead people to reassess his past record.

University Of Pennsylvania Professor: Arrest The Makers Of That Anti-Muslim Movie

One Professor suggests we sacrifice yet more of our freedom in the wake of the embassy protests in the Middle East.

Veterans Aren’t Victims

My latest for The Atlantic, “Stop Feeling Sorry for American Veterans, has posted.

How America Dominates the World: Manipulations, Sex, and Money

Chamake Mauriene reveals America’s secret to world domination in Pravda.

Are Special Forces Special Enough?

US Army Special Forces are the best we have at working with far-flung villagers. Are they good enough?

America Is Not A Police State

While the United States has some serious problems with policing, we’re not a police state.

Army Medal Fatigue

Andrew Exum believes the Army should “get rid of all medals not related to valor or campaign-specific service.”

Soldier Reprimanded For Ron Paul Endorsement

A Reserve Specialist who endorsed Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy in uniform will only be reprimanded, not court martialed.

And They Say The Iraq War Is Over

Sometimes there was no sugar or Splenda for coffee. On chicken wing night, wings were rationed at six per person.

David Frum Eviscerates Charles Murray’s Latest Book

David Frum begins a withering review for The Daily Beast, “Charles Murray’s Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 is an important book that will have large influence. It is unfortunately not a good book.”

Come on, America, Do Some of that Intervention Shit

Andrew Exum notes that most analysts who call for military intervention fail to specify the particulars.

Balancing Civility and Honesty in Online Debate

Is there a trade-off in being polite?

Religious Extremism in America

What are the contours of “mainstream” religious thought in today’s America?


There are 164 technically acceptable transliterations of the name of Libya’s soon-to-be-former dictator.

Media Ignorance: Dog Bites Man

Political journalists are asking clumsy, ignorant, and intolerant questions. Film at 11.

International Relations Graduate School Pros and Cons

So, you want a career in foreign policy field and are weighing your options….

Obama Overruled Lawyers on Libya

President Obama overruled his top legal advisors in deciding that the Libya operation does not amount to “hostilities” under the War Powers Act.

Robert H. Lister: The Rest of the Story

What ever became of Private Robert H. Lister of the 165th Infantry?

Andrew Bacevich: Three Harpies?

Andrew Bacevich refers to Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power as “the Three Harpies.”

Terry Jones and What We’re Fighting For

The duty to defend “hateful, extremely disrespectful, and enormously intolerant” expression.

Captain Obama: Limited Humanitarian Intervention with Gaddafi’s Face

Obama Captain America parody: I’m not punching you Gaddafi I’m having a limited humanitarian intervention with your face.

War! Huh Good God Y’all

Is Libya a war? Hell yes, Libya is a war.

Yet Another War

America is about to enter a third war in the Muslim world with no clear idea of the end game.

Civil-Military Relations and Partisanship

Many commenters on civil-military relations change their tune according to whose ox is gored.

Geography and the American Military

The Army and its officer corps are becoming increasingly Southern and rural. Is this a bad thing? If so, what can we do about it?

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