Matt Millen Out As Lions GM

Bill Ford, Jr. appears to have accomplished what multiple fan protests (including mass walkouts and wearing the visiting team’s colours) and the repeated insistence of overwhelming majority of commentators could not: Matt Millen is out as General Manager of the Detroit Lions: has learned that the Lions have finally removed team president and GM Matt Millen from his post, unseating one of the most criticized executives in Detroit sports history.

Millen was informed of the move last night during a late-night high-level meeting. This morning several people within the building confirmed that he had large packing boxes in his office and he made his way around to different employees telling them of the move.

It is unclear if Millen was fired or removed himself from the equation but the news comes just days after Bill Ford, Jr. publicly stated he would have fired the GM if it was his decision but he lacked the authority to do so.

The Lions have won only one playoff game and are an NFL-worst 31-84 since Millen took over in 2001. They have also been a model of futility on the road and Millen has gone through three head coaches, none of whom have been able to turn the Lions into a winner.

The only surprise in this is that it took as long as it did.

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Dodd Harris
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  1. @BillSheridan Good news! Millen is out

  2. Triumph says:

    (including mass walkouts and wearing the visiting team’s colours)

    Please save the British spelling for a discussion of real football–not the American variant.

  3. markm says:

    This has been a long time coming and it’s brightened my day. That said, the owner of the team, William Clay Ford, is still the achilles heel. Until he steps away as the owner the team will go nowhere.

    I will miss the “FIRE MILLEN” chants at any Detroit sporting event though. Better yet was hearing them on a national broadcast.

    Good riddance.

  4. Dodd,

    Millen deserves being fired. The Lions have been horrible and their inept college drafting(Detroit took wide outs with the first round pick 3 years straight. Two of those players were busts.) is only matched by that of the Miami Dolphins.

    However the news isn’t confirmed yet. There have been all sorts of reports that Lane Kiflin is out as Oakland Raiders coach. That hasn’t happened as of yet, and I’ll believe Millen is fired only when the Lions announce it formally.


  5. markm says:

    “However the news isn’t confirmed yet.”

    It has not been “officially” official but “inside sources” have confirmed. In this instance…that’s all the evidence I need.

  6. Derrick says:

    I couldn’t be any happier. As a kid, who grew up about 5 miles away from the Silverdome watching Eric Hipple and Chuck Long fail miserably I still have little hope that things can be reversed. At this point, Bill Jr. is our only hope. As one of the two decrepit owners that need to head to Sarasota for retirement, William Clay Ford (Al Davis is the other if you aren’t paying attention) needs to transfer the team to Bill Jr.

    Millen was just the last of a bunch of very bad choices, even though he was arguably the worst failure in the history of sports management. First, Kilpatrick and now Millen, I guess you have to call that progress. Go Detroit!

  7. G.A.Phillips says:

    Please save the British spelling for a discussion of real football–not the American variant.

    lol, you mean sucker, football for liberals, run around the whole game doing nothing.