Media Access Rules In Gulf Preventing Media From Covering Oil Spill

From last night AC360, here’s a rather disturbing report about new media access rules that seem to be making it nearly impossible for the press to cover the worst environmental disaster in American history:

While I agree that there needs to be some reasonable rules that allow clean-up crews to do their job, cutting off press access completely it totally uncalled for and, to the extent that it’s a government action, it comes very close to being a violation of the First Amendment.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Hugh says:

    This is really appalling.

    I’d like to see Billy Nungesser or James Carville or Sean Pean, while the CNN cameras roll, get arrested for standing on the beach near the flaccid boom. It would be a monumental demonstration of civil disobedience and a powerful show of support for the Gulf clean up.

  2. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    When government hides things there has to be a reason. What would the real reason be for not allowing news crews to observe and report on progress in the gulf? What if the purpose of the spill was to close the gulf to oil drilling?

  3. morris says:

    This explains what they are covering up!

    BP’s secret 3rd Oil Spill – The Big One

  4. rphillips says:

    It looks like Palin is getting more coverage than the clean-up efforts. Check out this progressive organization’s latest ad campaign targeting her for her endorsement of more domestic oil extraction: The org’s website is @Zelsdorf, I wonder too if the purpose of the spill was to close the gulf to oil drilling. it looks like we won’t be seeing anymore drilling in the region. There goes our best energy resource.