Trump To Puerto Rico: Drop Dead

Just three weeks after their home was hit by a devastating storm, Donald Trump is attacking Puerto Ricans for not recovering from the storm sooner.

Obama Under Attack For Not Visiting Louisiana In Wake Of Flooding

President Obama is being criticized for remaining on vacation while Louisiana deals with historic flooding.

Can Americans Unite In Response To Tragedy Anymore?

National tragedies, whether man-made or natural disasters, used to bring Americans together. Now they just seem to pull Americans apart.

Democrat John Bel Edwards Handily Defeats David Vitter In Louisiana Governor’s Race

Democrat John Bel Edwards scored an easy victory over Senator David Vitter last night in Louisiana, and Vitter announced that he’d be leaving the Senate after his term is up.

For The Eighth Time, Obama Pivots To The Economy

Time to “pivot to the economy” again.

The Disappearing Oval Office Address

The Oval Office Address, once a common tool of the Presidency, has been in declining use of late.

The Cult Of Barack Obama’s Presidency

Like the men who came before him, Barack Obama has vastly increased the powers of his office. Someone should have asked him about that last night.

The 20 Most Powerful Television Moments Of The Past 50 Years

There are some glaring omissions from a recent list of television’s “most powerful” moments.

Please, Let The “New Candidate” Speculation End Already

One of these people will be the 2012 Republican nominee for President no matter how much you’d like to dream otherwise.

Obama Adminsitration Backtracking On Smog Rules Angers Environmentalists

Environmentalists are upset by President Obama’s decision to abandon stringent new smog regulations, but he made the right decision.

Michelle Obama Vacation Scandal

The First Lady takes a lot of days off from her unpaid “job.”

News as a Public Good

Real news reporting has never paid for itself. But the days of it being subsidized by the local car dealer are rapidly ending.

High Gas Prices Hurting Obama

President Obama is suffering in the polls because of high gas prices, but is there really anything he can do about them?

A Magic Formula for Gas Prices?

Is there a magic formula to fix soaring gas prices? A Washington Examiner editorial claims to have found it.

Back to Those Darn Freeloaders

More on that freeloader problem (today with less snark).

Obama In South America: Nitpicking, Bad Optics, Or A Really Bad Idea?

Obama is visiting Brazil and Chile while American fighting men join the coalition against Libya.

Who in Their Right Mind Would Want to be President?

Who wants that job? (And is willing to work that hard to get it?)

Cutting Federal Workforce Costs Money?

The most likely cuts in federal spending are likely to actually increase the deficit over time.

Republicans Want to Ban Czars

House Republicans want to do away with the increasing number of “czars” in the White House.

Gary Johnson: 2012’s Ron Paul

He’s the darkest of dark horses right now, but Gary Johnson stands as the heir apparent to Ron Paul’s surprisingly energetic 2008 run for the GOP nomination.

Russia and Venezuela Sign Energy Deal

Venezuela have reached a series of agreement on energy. Should the US be concerned?

Maybe The Gulf Oil Didn’t Go Away After All

It’s beginning to look like initial reports that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill had been “cleaned up” may not be true after all.

The Wall Street Journal Versus Moral Responsibility

In arguing against lifting liability caps on offshore drilling, the Wall Street Journal is arguing against both moral responsibility and the free market.

BP Spill Damage Exaggerated?

Now that the flood of oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig has been staunched, some are arguing that the prophesied environmental catastrophe was greatly overblown.

Michigan Oil Spill

800,000 gallons of oil have leaked from a pipeline into a creek that flows into the Kalamazoo River. BP is not involved.

Young Voters Abandoning Obama

Barack Obama was a big hit on college campuses in 2008. Two years later, those same young voters seem to be having second thoughts.

Obama Best Democratic President Since LBJ?

How do President Obama’s accomplishments stack up from a liberal standpoint?

Did BP Help Get Lockerbie Bomber Released From Prison ?

As if the Gulf Oil Spill weren’t enough, there are now allegations that BP played a role in the release of the only man convicted in the murder of 190 Americans.

Offshore Drilling Moratorium Reimposed

The Department of the Interior has, unwisely and unnecessarily, reimposed the ban on deep water offshore drilling.

Charlie Cook: “Hurricane GOP” Bearing Down On Democrats

The latest poll trends have pollster Charlie Cook thinking that the Democrats could be in for a very bad trouncing on Election Day.

June Unemployment Report Shows Anemic Job Growth

So much for the Obama Administration’s “Summer of Recovery.”

Hitler Comparisons and Bad History

Contrary to popular belief, Adolf Hitler didn’t come to power by democratic means or because of his ability to whip the public into a frenzy.