Kevin Costner Oil Cleanup Centrifuge

How effective is Kevin Costner’s oil separator? It depends who you ask.

LSU Facing Massive Cuts

LSU is facing some potential deep cuts in its budget.

Obama’s Approval Numbers Sinking Fast

Another poll brings bad news for the White House.

Gulf Oil Spill To Hit Atlantic in October

A group of oceanographers suggest that the oil from the Deepwater Horizon explosion will leave the Gulf in a few months. What happens then?

Federal Judge Blocks Obama Administration’s Oil Drilling Moratorium

A Federal Judge in Louisiana has told the Obama Administration that it can’t ban offshore drilling in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Obama Gets Failing Grade On Oil Spill Response

President Obama continues to suffer politically as a result of the oil spill crisis.

About that Tyrannical Escrow Fund…

The escrow fund was a big negative for BP, yes?

Obama and the Road to Tyranny

President Obama is following the example of his predecessors in abusing his power to enact his preferred policies. Has he gone too far?

Waiving the Jones Act

Should Obama waive restrictions on international shipping, as Bush did during Katrina? It’s more complicated than you may think.

The President is Just Like…

It is notoriously difficult to judge a presidency mid-stream.

Gulf Oil Spill Gives Charlie Crist A Major Boost In Florida Senate Race

The Florida Senate race has taken a turn that few people expected thanks to the political impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.