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The mayor’s brother wasn’t the only hiring in the Adams administration to raise eyebrows on Friday. City Hall officially announced the appointment of Phil Banks as deputy mayor for public safety. Banks is the brother of David Banks, who was previously appointed schools chancellor. And David Banks is the romantic partner of Sheena Wright, Adams’ deputy mayor for strategic initiatives, who also led the mayoral transition committee. But it’s not just his family ties that are controversial. A former NYPD chief, Phil Banks resigned from the force in 2014 following a federal corruption investigation in which prosecutors named him as an “unindicted co-conspirator.” Though Banks himself was never charged with a crime, evidence reportedly showed he accepted gifts from two businessmen who were trying to bribe public officials. Banks’ top aide was among those who were eventually convicted. In an op-ed in the Daily News on Friday morning, Banks addressed the concerns about his integrity, saying that reports that he “traded favors as a senior NYPD official for some form of compensation” were completely false. He also denied that he left the department in order to avoid an internal trial on the investigation.

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  1. Just nutha ignint cracker says:

    The Eatonville story was interesting to me as I worked with a guy who lived outside of Eatonville back when I lived in Seattle. It’s sad to see a place like that coming apart. I hope Mrs. Sova will do right by the kids who attend school there.

    We have a 3 Percenter working as an aide in the resource room at one of our middle schools. He seems to be good at helping kids that struggle with staying on task.