More on the Clinton/Sanders and Democratic Demographics

Via NBC News:  Clinton Lead Over Sanders Among Latino Voters Rapidly Narrowing

among Hispanic voters, what had been a two-to-one or better Clinton lead for the past six months has narrowed dramatically in the two weeks following the Iowa Caucuses. Where our surveys had shown Clinton leading by 20 percentages points or better during December and January, her advantage had reduced to just three percentage points (46 to 43 percent) on our most recent week of tracking (from February 8-February 14).

The Clinton firewall among African American Democrats, on the other hand, remains intact. In the past week, she led Sanders among black Democrats nationwide by a whopping 52 percentage points (70 to 18 percent), roughly comparable to the margins Clinton has enjoyed so far in 2016.

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  1. Just 'nutha ig'rant cracker says:

    I find myself wondering how much of the shift can be ascribed to the conventional wisdom that she is not really a very good campaigner.

  2. MBunge says:

    Listen to Hillary on the campaign trail.

    “I am tough.”
    “I am experienced.”
    “I can get things done.”
    I, I, I. Me, me, me.

    Even Trump, who has as yuuuge an ego as anyone in politics, knows enough to say “WE don’t win anymore” and “WE will make America great again.”

    Hillary has no message other than “I am wonderful and Republicans suck.” It’s hardly surprising when people don’t find that to be particularly inspiring.


  3. Anonne says:

    Sanders actually outperformed and beat her among Latinos in Nevada. It’s the African Americans where it fell short, getting about only 20%. But again, this is a caucus, not a primary, so…

  4. Kari Q says:


    Actually, it’s not at all clear that Sanders won the Hispanic vote in Nevada. The polling was too small and the samples weren’t representative enough to reach any firm conclusions about the Hispanic vote solely on the basis of those polls:

    “The actual election returns in Las Vegas’s Clark County hint at a different story. Analyzed neighborhood by neighborhood, they suggest that Mrs. Clinton might have won the Hispanic vote by a comfortable margin. She won about 60 percent of delegates in heavily Hispanic areas, a result that calls the finding of the polling into question.”