More on the Sharron Angle Problem

This isn’t the kind of thing that a party wants its National Senatorial Committee chair to be saying about one of its candidates:

Cornyn told reporters, "You’re going to have complete, 100 percent access to her . . . it just makes sense at some point. But I think she needs to get staffed up and prepared. The kind of scrutiny candidates undergo in a general-election race like this is far different than virtually anybody’s been through before, and I just think it’s a matter of due diligence and being prepared."

While I certainly think it is possible that Angle could beat Reid, there is little doubt that she was the best possible thing that could have happened to him.

Source:  Sharron Angle needs time to prepare for media’s questions, says senior Republican (PostPolitics)

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  1. grampagravy says:

    Reid couldn’t have picked a better opponent.
    Completely unaware of who he was talking to, I had a staunch Republican explain to me long ago that “smart” people registered in the opposition party in order to vote for the weakest in the primaries. Maybe Nevada has a bunch of smart Democrats.

  2. An Interested Party says:

    ,,,or a bunch of crazy Republicans…

  3. RW Rogers says:

    Steven: As the title of the PostPolitics story you link to shows, Angle’s first name is spelled with two R’s. IIRC, one or two of your fellow contributors are also continuing to make the same mistake.

  4. RW Rogers says:

    I see you changed the misspelling without acknowledgment. In the future, I’ll be sure to save screen shots before commenting on your posts.

  5. First off: thanks for point it out. I meant to come back and acknowledge that you spotted the error.

    Second: shockingly, life does get busy and sometimes little things don’t get attended to as they should.

    Third: really? A missing “R” in Sharron equals the need to screenshot all my posts? Let me save you the trouble: odds are good that I will have plenty of typos, misspellings, grammatical errors and even the awkward sentence now and again. Such are the exigencies of writing constantly without an editor.

  6. RW Rogers says:

    Whoa! Had no idea you had become so thin-skinned and humor-impaired. Will try hard to avoid your future posts.

  7. Well, I must confess, your comment did not come across as humorous.

    It is frequently difficult to discern tone in writing, I will confess.

    So yes, I found your post off-putting.