OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

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Winners will be announced Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. “You girls are now free from the ‘chose not to have a beer with me’ tax.”

  2. MaggieMama says:

    Good Lawd. Obama’s back to holding Beer Summits.

  3. JKB says:

    Obama proves he’s no Bill Clinton

  4. JKB says:

    Two girls and a sup

  5. Mr. Prosser says:

    “Hops, malt, wet, good” beats “Lemon, wet, good” every time.

  6. Phillip says:

    “Pay no attention to what my right hand is doing…”

    what is it doing, anyway?

  7. Moosebreath says:

    The Cuervo Gold, the fine Columbian, make tonight a wonderful thing.

  8. Davebo says:

    Monday? Thursday? I mean seriously we know Doug is paid per post but this?

  9. al-Ameda says:

    “Break all day, play all night
    do ‘in wrong till we do it right”

  10. rodney dill says:

    It’s 8:00 AM somewhere.

  11. JKB says:


  12. Herb says:

    Depending on the election’s outcome in November, this may be the last time we see the President of the United States drinking a beer or chatting so comfortably with women.

  13. Tillman says:

    They say incumbents put on fifteen pounds during election season.

  14. Tillman says:

    “I can’t believe you people drink this piss-water. Now Michelle, she really knows how to brew good beer.”

  15. jd says:

    (“I’ll just put my lips up to the edge and pretend to drink. Allāhu Akbar!”)

  16. Obama isn’t sure of how to proceed because in college it wasn’t drinking that was his recreation.

  17. John425 says:

    Obama thought bubble: “Mmmm Mmm Mmm. Beer ‘n bitches! It sure is good to be President.”

  18. The Q says:

    The last picture taken in Mississippi of the late Steve ‘the Hose” Griggs who had the temerity to
    drink a beer with two white college co-eds. Please call Sheriff White at 555-211-8988 if you have any info pertaining to his murder.

    RIP Mr. Griggs

  19. The Q says:

    Since my above post has zero chance of winning, how about this more PC remark:

    “Ok, let me get this straight Nancy, according to our bet, if you can down your beer faster than me, Obama care is repealed. If I win, 3some with your girlfriend at the Holiday Inn next door!!!”

    Oops, that one won’t win either. So:

    “Are you girls drunk enough yet to vote for me? Ok, lets have another.”

  20. JKB says:

    @The Q:

    Sheriff White (Democrat – Klan wing)

  21. al-Ameda says:


    Sheriff White (Democrat – Klan wing)

    Post 1965 = Sheriff, switched affiliation to Republican Party.

  22. Gollum says:

    Obama (thinking): “Dyed in the wool Republican you say, huh? Well, ha ha ha HA, here comes the Vulcan death grip for you, sweetie pie . . . “

  23. Gollum says:

    Never mind Barry’s right hand, what’s Blondie’s left hand got hold of?

  24. Gollum says:

    “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do. . .. OK, I never drink beer, you probably couldn’t tell though . . .”

  25. Gollum says:

    It makes more sense when you know that the brunette has an absentee ballot under her pony tail.

  26. Gollum says:

    (post the above caption at 21:27)
    Brunette to blonde: Why are you laughing?
    Blonde to brunette: I TOLD you he’d find it.

  27. Console says:

    There’s a Herman Cain and Tiger Woods joke in here somewhere but I’m not smart enough to make it.

  28. JKB says:

    @al-Ameda: “Post 1965 = Sheriff, switched affiliation to Republican Party.”

    Really, someone forgot to tell Robert Byrd, George Wallace, etc. I guess it was only the local, nobody’s heard of, racist Democrats that switched to Republican? Which is odd given Democrats held sway on the local level for another couple decades.

  29. The Q says:

    JKB, put down the wingnut crack pipe – Nixon and Reagan with the southern strategy changed the face of southern politics for a generation, just as LBJ predicted after signing the civil and voting rights acts in the mid 60s condemning the Dems to walk the wilderness for decades.

    For you to keep your infantile prattle going about this is embarrassing.

  30. Moosebreath says:

    If you want a job in the White House, chug.

  31. Jazz Shaw says:

    OK, I’ll have a drink with you two. But you’ve got to promise not to die in the next couple of hours, k?

  32. JKB says:

    @The Q: “…in the mid 60s condemning the Dems to walk the wilderness for decades.”

    That’s some walk in the wilderness with majority control of the House and Senate for the next 30 years not losing control until 1994.

    But you reveal much with your quick shift from the Klan voted Republican after 1965 to your assumption that the southern strategy had anything to do with racism rather than a block of working class voters shifting due to their support for a strong defense, right to work and free enterprise.

    I’d say let go of your third grade history of the Civil Rights movement and experience the world as it is today but racism is all the Democratic Party has left to argue

  33. Obama introduces a new ‘drinking game’ to distract the nation from its economic woes: “Okay, now. Every time Mitt Romney mentions the unemployment rate, everybody take a shot.”

  34. Dashing off to his next campaign fundraiser stop, Obama skips out on paying the tab. Leaving it to the locals to pickup, as usual.