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The Hunt For Red November 6th Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Hunt For Red November 6th Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: Jc – “Hallo, customer service, dis is Peggy, did you get dee slides?” ” We put a Russian on them, so they get there quick.”

Second: CSK – The Village People Reunion Tour proved to be THE highlight of the convention.

Third: JKB – I am Vladimir Putin And I approve of this message


John Burgess“Jeeze! That photo wasn’t supposed to appear until after the Inauguration!”

Michael Hamm – Due to the rich not paying their “Fair Share”, Obama announces that the Russian military will take over protecting the United States.

Al – “Guys, we’ve really got to shut down the Battlefield 3 tournament. The convention was supposed to start five hours ago.”

Donald sensing“So the audiovisual intern simply clicked the ‘lucky’ button and this is what came up. It’s Google’s fault.”

Herb – No more than ten to twenty million killed. Tops.

Robert W. ArmijoDNC issues apology for displaying Russian naval ships: “Oops…We thought they were Chinese.”


“You’ll always remember the day you nearly nominated Captain Jack Sparrow as your candidate.”

“No Mr. President, its a warning shot across the bow, not just bowing to them, as a warning.”

“Don’t the Russians have a right to celebrate their war prowess with a flotilla parade?”
“…but in the Potomac, Mr. President”

President: “Media… Tell the people the Russians are obviously retreating in this photo.”
NBCNews: “Aye Aye, Sir.”
CBSNEWS: “Aye Aye, Sir.”
CNN: “Aye Aye, Sir.”
ABCNews: “Aye Aye, Sir.”
Huffington: “Aye Aye, Sir.”

The Thursday Contest is an old elephant trying new tricks.

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