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The Nairobi Holiday Trio Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Nairobi Holiday Trio Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


Photo By JASON REED/Reuters


First: Doug MataconisDespite what appeared to be photographic evidence, most Americans refused to believe that there were wise men in Washington, D.C. (…an obvious photoshop – rodney)

Second: Stonetools – “We three kings of lobbying are, Bearing gifts, we travel afar”

Third: OzarkHillbilly – “Quick! Before Congress wants our gold, our frankincense, our myrrh.” “Never mind that other stuff, just get the gold.” “Yeah, they got a pretty good sense of Franken, and nobody knows what myrrh is.”


markm – Fourth guy in line: “So I just had an idea…popcorn you make at home. I will call it Jiffy Pop. It will be popcorn kernals with oil in a foil pan and as it pops, it fills up a gold foil ball……”

Tillman – Balthazar looked back at the other two in frustration, and silently swore to never fly Air India again.

jd – I’m sure we left the camels tied to one of these posts.

Hal 10000The three wise men return home in disappointment after realizing the “star” they follow was the incandescent blaze of 536 bloated egos.

Donald sensingFor the last time: these are the three wise men. Boehner, Reid and Biden are the three wise guys. Not the same.

MstrB – Notice the lack of members of congress


Proof that you don’t need automatic weapons to protect yourself in DC, just a wicked left or right hook.

We three Kings minorities are, bearing gifts bought with your taxes thus far.

Whaddya mean I don’t have enough flair?

The Thursday Contest is already hanging ten… and beheading three others….

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