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The That's No Moon Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The That’s No Moon Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


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First: John425 – Protester misunderstands police order to “evacuate”.

Second: MstrB – Looks like one person signed up for Obamacare today.

Third: al-Ameda – Roll out of the new Voter ID program in Texas


OzarkHillbilly – The police did not know what to make of the William Wallace impersonation.

KM – Fartillery units to the front! Ready, aim, FIRE!.

John Burgess“The soap! The soap! Where the hell’s the soap?!

Pinky – Exactly who is gassing whom?

He who must not be named – The guy in the red cap was part of a larger protest demanding more government. He got what he wished for.

jd – Jenos, is that you?

Robert W. ArmijoPolice somehow knew they weren’t facing the run of the mill crack addict.

CSK – Ready, aim, TWERK!


♬ I see a bad moon a rising…. ♬

The attack will occur in the morning at the crack of Don.

Once Obama dispensed with the stealth middle finger in favor of more direct signs of disdain people began to get suspicious.

The Monday Contest has already already offended PETA.

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