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Dodd Harris
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  1. Eric Florack says:

    Now, there was a voice. Still is, actually, in spite of the years. she was still touring, the last I knew.

    Toni is a real musical gem… She could slide easily from 40’s torch ballads to seventies and eighties pop without missing a beat, or a note. She had the power in that voice of hers to pull the whole thing off.

    A favorite of mine from her is one that I have played at parties many times over. It’s “Come In From The Rain” The change in style, she displayed in that song (vs what most people know of her) also displayed extraordinary power in her voice and extraordinary expressiveness. The change is so remarkable that most people don’t recognize her voice, and innumerable times I’ve had people come up and ask me who it was I was playing, and saying that is wonderful.

    I’m afraid that her talents would go unnoticed in today’s music world, unless she was working in, say, smooth jazz. She could fit there. But it’s kind of a shame that more people don’t have a feel for the body of work from Toni Tennille.

    Personal giggle… When “Love Will keep us together” came out, Toni use to wear a pageboy, and between the haircut and her facial features, she looked amazingly like a girl I was dating at the time “Love will keep us together” came out, and it was to me more than a bit amusing to have my girlfriend looking at me in every music shop or radio station I went into. And yes that was a compliment. Both their looks at changed over the years and the similarity thereby lost but it was a fun little subtext at the time.

  2. Drew says:

    Eric, dude, please tell me you are munching mushrooms.

    This is dreck.

  3. Dodd says:

    Drew, the reason I post items from across the spectra of time and genre is that I’d like to post something for everyone from time to time rather than just recreate the contents of my own iPod here.

    C&T isn’t in my collection, but clearly Eric likes it. If you don’t, well, I’m sorry. But you should feel free to keep it to yourself instead of telling him his tastes suck. Thanks.

  4. Eric Florack says:

    Well, careful, Dodd.
    This one isn’t exactly one of my favorites, nor is “Muskrat Love” (Chuckle) That’s why I didn’t bother mentioning either.

    I was talking about the talent Toni has, the voice, not that particular peice. Her body of work went well beyond the pop tunes, which I suppose need to be looked at through the prism of the time.

    If I recall right, she wrote this particular tune herself… and frankly, IMV she was never the strongest writer. Still, on the strength of the voice, she manages to make a fairly listenable (And airable) pop record out of it, for the day. It was a number one hit… their second. A lot of that stength of sales was based on the first number one they had, “love will keep us together” which got well overplayed in my view. Still and even with that advantage, there wasn’t anyone else on the planet, in my view who would have been able to do that, with this tune, even in the day.

    A number of others covered that song, too… and trust me they were all unremarkable.

    Still… the woman’s got a voice.