Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock to Marry — Repeatedly

Pamela Anderson is finally going to marry Bob “Kid Rock” Ritchie. At least four times, in fact.

Pamela Anderson Kissing Kid Rock Photo

Pamela Anderson confirmed Wednesday she’s ready to tie the knot with Kid Rock in France. And California. And Michigan. And Tennessee. “I’m going to get married a few times this month to the same guy,” said the 39-year-old actress, who wore a white veil pulled-back from her face during a news conference about her new online poker site, She said her nuptials to the rocker, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, will take place near St. Tropez, France. They are reportedly planned for Saturday.

To each his own, I guess.

Anderson then proceded to show the intellect that made her famous:

“If Bob knew he was getting married five years ago in St. Tropez, he wouldn’t have believed it,” Anderson said.

And he’d have been right.

Asked how she’s coping with her nerves before the big event, she replied: “I have two words for you: champagne.”


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  1. LJD says:


  2. Rick DeMent says:

    American Redneck Royalty

  3. “Asked how sheâ??s coping with her nerves before the big event, she replied: â??I have two words for you: champagne.â??”

    Perhaps the reporter is at fault here and she actually said “sham pain” indicating some sort of BDSM activity. At least that would be ‘two words’.

  4. Steve Verdon says:

    Very good commentary James, got a chuckle out of me.

  5. Matt says:

    Live and let live 🙂

  6. Kid Rack

  7. Kent G. Budge says:

    Some things can’t be parodied.

  8. Carolyn says:

    Is OUZO two words?