Pets Abandoned During Hurricane

Yahoo! News/AP

One of the many animals evacuated from Florida during Hurricane Charley sits in the Houston SPCA shelter waiting to be adopted Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2004 in Houston. Almost 200 dogs and cats, some left homeless in Florida by Hurricane Charley, were taken to the shelter in Houston and others were en route Tuesday from Louisiana where authorities feared shelters there would be inundated by the killer winds and waves of Hurricane Ivan, swirling in the Gulf of Mexico. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

What kind of people abandon their pets during bad weather? I understand that emergency shelters usually won’t take pets. But, surely, people could make other arrangements.

Update (2254): On the other hand, don’t be an idiot:

“If we turn up dead tomorrow, it’s my fault,” said Jane Allinder, who stayed stubbornly behind at her daughter’s French Quarter doll shop to keep an eye on her cat.

Cats are portable. Put the animal in a pet taxi or other secure device and take it with you.

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  1. Chuckg says:

    Filthy scum.

  2. M. Murcek says:

    I live on a small farm, and I have a couple wonderful cats here that were dropped off here by individuals who wanted to be rid of them.

    I’d love to catch such a person just once. I’d find some way to have them dropped off in a very desolate place, just so they could see for themselves how horrible it is.

    Of course, I took in those “unwanteds,” and they’re very happy here, and I’m very happy to have them.

  3. That’s sad.

    He’s such a cool looking cat, too. I hope someone takes him in. I would, but I’m in Maryland, and already have 2 cats – I’m at the limit for my apartment (and my two cats wouldn’t react well to company, trust me).

  4. Meezer says:

    We have specially reinforced crates for our 2 Siamese and Fox Terrier. When a warning comes there is running and barking, followed by fishing cats out from under the bed (with more barking). The fishing is followed by hurrying down stairs clutching two wriggling fur-covered snakes – and more barking. Some people pray for no tornadoes. I just pray for slow ones.