Prather Retires

I’ve been doing more serious writing for publication elsewhere of late and have concentrated most of my reading efforts accordingly. I missed Robert Prather‘s announcement Friday that he’s going into semi-retirement because of the confluence of burn-out and various other interests tugging at his time.

A shame, but certainly understandable. The nature of the blogging enterprise is that it becomes both addictive and amazingly time consuming. Most feel a certain sense of obligation to crank out posts on a regular basis to satisfy a readership; it can become a (usually unpaid) part-time job if you let it. I’ve been at it a little under 17 months and, while I’ve had short bursts of near-burnout, continue to enjoy it and find things worth writing about. Robert starts his post with the quote, “I have an axe to grind and plenty of fury to turn the wheel,” nothing that his fury has evaporated. So far, mine hasn’t.

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  1. Steven says:

    If your fury ever starts to wane, you can always take golf back up to help stoke the fires 😉

  2. James,

    Yep, it does feel like work for a while and I do need a break. A long break. Even so, I see news items now and feel the urge to post. Blogging can become habit forming. 🙂