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“We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton, on the need to repeal the Bush tax cuts. It’s unclear who the “we” is, since she’s in the U.S. Senate, which will almost certainly be controlled by Republicans next year regardless of who sits in the White House.

Other reactions:

    Andrew Sullivan: “They know far better than you do how you should spend your money. Because they are morally better people than you are.”

    Dodd Harris: “Because, you know, running on a promise to raise taxes worked so well for Mondale. And Dukakis.”

    Betsy Newmark: “They know what the common good is and we should all pay up so they can use our money to do what they think is for the benefit of everyone.”

    Steve Bainbridge: “Could there be a clearer statement of the Democrat’s basic philosophy?”

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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Alkaline says:

    Clearly, she meant the Democrats are going to undo the anti-American Bush tax cut. Bravo for Hillary, who once again told it like it is.

    You boys ought to give some serious thought as to why you hate her so. Says more about you than it does about her.

    Bring on the justification, and let’s hope your daughters do as well as she has.

  2. Professor Kaos says:

    “let’s hope your daughters do as well as she has.”

    If you define a self absorbed, sanctimonious, smug, know it all elitist who lived in a sham marriage to quench her insatiable thirst for power as doing well, then I hope nobodys daughter does that well again.

  3. ibejo says:

    Prof Kaos…I think that was game, set and match. Zing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    anti-american tax cuts? With such an abject and craven ignorance of economics, what are you doing on this web site? As far as our daughters doing as well, they have names for people who are willing to suffer public humiliation, emotional evisceration, lie, cheat, steal and sleep their way to the aquisition of money and raw power. You know the word.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sullivan’s hypocracy here is utterly shameless.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tax cuts aren’t anti-American; taxes are. I’m appalled and ashamed that Clinton is one of my senators. Talk about taxation without representation….

  7. Alkaline says:

    Yeah, I think the posts here prove how much she threatens little men. Washington is filled with people who suffer humiliation to advance their careers and are in sham marriages, but you don’t talk about those, do you? You sorry hypocrites. A woman of significant achievements exposes you for the weak boys you are. You deserve Bush. He’s your kind of man.

  8. Lorne says:

    Bravo, alkaline. The “Right” people who post here are ineffectual crybabies who’ve achieved little and want to blame someone for their problems. A strong woman like Hillary drives them nuts. She worked hard as a student and a young woman — I remember her on the Watergate team — and made something of herself. Since these crybabies haven’t, they hate her all the more. The joke is that they know Bush is a loser and they have to support Kerry — otherwise it will be Hillary for President in 2008, and she will win!!!

  9. Professor Kaos says:

    So to criticize Hillary is to criticize all women? Youre wrong on two fronts, Margaret Thatcher is a hero of mine, and I dont think of Hillary as a woman.

  10. jen says:

    Lorne, you said:

    The “Right” people who post here are ineffectual crybabies who’ve achieved little and want to blame someone for their problems.

    I, a woman who happens to be a registered Republican, probably haven’t achieved much by your standards, but I’ve done well enough despite the government taking more of my money away in taxes than I can really afford. I’ve been unemployed, yet never took a dime of unemployment from the government or welfare. Instead I chose to work two jobs to make ends meet until I found a permanent job, which still doesn’t pay me what I was paid pre-unemployment. But you don’t hear me complaining about who’s to blame about it, because no one is to blame.

  11. McGehee says:

    Embarrassing news story about a Clinton. (Check)

    Clinton-defending trolls emerging from the woodwork right on time. (Check)

    McGehee’s Law wins again.

  12. Tax cuts are un-American? Hillary’s supporters need to read up on the Boston Tea Party.

  13. Boyd says:

    You left one out, Kevin:

    Upon emerging from the woodwork, trolls provide strident responses unburdened by any association with facts. (Check)

  14. McGehee says:

    Well of course, Boyd — that’s what trolls do. It would be like including on a fishing checklist something like “Landed fish flops around gasping.”

    (heh heh heh)

  15. Alkaline says:

    Tax cuts aren’t anti-American. But the Bush tax cuts are. They are based on class.

    As for Professor Kaos, his comment qualifies him from being considered anything other than a fool. He doesn’t consider Hillary a woman: How much hate is in that remark. What does it say about his relationship with women in general? My goodness.

    Jen, God bless you and your dedication. But the blame falls on those who sent your job overseas. Remember the Bush creed: Outsourcing is good!
    But you will win. You will succeed People with your commitment to hard work always do! Don’t ever be discouraged!

  16. Jim says:

    What made you think that Jen’s job got sent overseas? She didn’t say it on this thread and you seem to be jumping to conclusions.

  17. John Doe says:

    People who dislike taxes should dislike Bush. His massive spending increases doom the country to increased taxation in the future.

  18. Professor Kaos says:

    Ms. Alkaline, my feelings toward Hillary have nothing to do with my feelings toward women. You see, Hillary does not speak for all women, I know she says she does, but she’s lying. If someone dislikes Hillary, they dislike Hillary. I also dislike John Forbes Kerry, but I dont hate men. I dislike the cat next door, but I like lots of other cats. Do you see how it works now?

  19. Alkaline says:


    You said you don’t consider Hillary a woman. That’s an awful hostile statement, one that reveals much about your feelings about women in general, and it’s a lot different than saying you don’t like her. You’ve got a problem, son, and you know it.


    You’re right. My bad. Her note was so sincere, and her situation so typical of what’s happening to many Americans under the current give-to-the-rich Administration, that I did make an assumption. My apologies.

  20. Professor Kaos says:

    Yes, a problem with Hillary, uh, Mom.

    “so typical of what’s happening to many Americans under the current give-to-the-rich Administration,…”

    another assumption on your part. Of course when you stated that anyone who hates Hillary hates all women that was another assumption………

  21. Attila Girl says:

    As a woman I’m flattered and gratified by any distance anyone places between a grasping, lying, pathetic creature like Hillary and the rest of us–most of whom are hardworking and honest, and many of whom are smart without being creepy.

  22. alkaline says:

    Kaos Boy, I know you guys like the Big Lie — your heroes are D.C. have based their entire “Scorn the Middle Class” Administration on several of them — but being on the defensive shouldn’t make you distort what has been said. Anyone who visits this site can see that nowhere in any of my posts do I say “anyone who hates Hillary hates all women.” But I repeat: You have a problem with women, and I’ll bet you know it, and if there are any women in your life, they know it too. The silly name Professor Kaos proves it.

    And what’s your problem with Kerry? At worse, he’s Bush with intelligence, international experience and courageous service to our nation, and he doesn’t flip-flop like Busheney. Or are you upset that his wife is strong too?

    Attila Girl: I think I know where you coming from, and good for you for being so strong. But, you know how it is. Hillary has been criticized for her hair, her hips, her make-up, her clothes -cheap shots all successful women face. But she’s smart, hard-working and tough, tough, tough. I suppose she could’ve done it in a way that men would’ve approached of – like a Lynne Cheney or an Elizabeth Dole – but for all her flaws, Hillary has withstood all their attacks. Surf around this site and read the posts by the likes of Kaos Boy and others and you get a sense of what she’s up against. P.S. I like your style, sister! Always stand up!

  23. Professor Kaos says:

    Attila Girl, you rock!

    Alkaline, you keep talking out both sides of your mouth. All women are not Hillary and Hillary is not all women, its really pretty simple, I dont know why you have such a difficult time grasping the concept. It seems to be too complex for you as you keep returning to your creed that to hate Hillary is to hate all women.

  24. Matt says:

    Let me get this straight Alkaline:

    Kerry is smarter than Bush – check, Republicans are always dumb, Democrats always smart.

    Kerry has international experience – check, he served in Vietnam.

    Kerry has courageous service to our nation – check, so we should elect him President just like we did President Dole

    Kerry doesn’t flip-flop – check, he has never done that. Nope, not once. The man is steady as a rock, can do, that’s it, yessirree bob. He voted for the $87 billion and stuck to his guns, yes he did.

    Kerry has a strong wife – check, otherwise she wouldn’t let him ride in the family SUV.

  25. TIger & Lorna says:


    Throughout this week, Social Anthropology students at our school have been posting notes on dozens of political boards to measure the reaction to certain key phrases, such as American, God Bless America, anti-America, Busheney, Hillary, Kerry, elite, France, sister, experience, international, outsourcing and others. I’m Alkaline — a man, by the way — and my lab partner is Lorne and IowaCatLady. It’s too early to post results, but you all sure do take yourselves awfully serious. Thanks for participating.

    T & L

    P.S. Kaos, you creeped us out, man. But you were the best. Easily the most predictable. Jen: We love you!

  26. BarneyBean says:


    Don’t think the kids’ post said anything about Republicans being stupid. I think you would have to agree that Kerry’s international experience is much more than serving in Vietnam. Why the cheap shot at his wife? About flip-flopping, you just repeated what Karl Rove’s operative say. I’m a lifelong Republican, but I don’t see where Kerry is any more of a flip-flopper than most, including Bush. Kerry has wisely been silent, given the travesty of what Bush is doing and the Dems funding deficit, but I think I’ll wait to hear what he has to say before I parrot Rove’s lines.

    Kids: You outed Kaos. But will you post the results?

  27. Lorna says:


    not til we get our grade (LOL)


  28. Anonymous says:

    BTW, the posts on the Liberal sites were funny also. No weirdos like Kaos, but no Jen either. T loves Jen.

    Happy 4th.