Rand Paul Gives His Opponent The Obama Stamp Of Approval

In what may be the first negative ad from the Rand Paul campaign, at least the first one that I’ve seen, we’re treated to something unusual, an Obama impersonator who talks about how much he needs Jack Conway’s help:

A little cheesy ? Maybe, but in a state where the President has a 60% disapproval rating according to the latest Rasmussen poll, it strikes me as being a very effective ad.

Now, how many of you noticed the pop culture reference at about 0:22 ?

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Mithras says:

    He gives him something he can hold on to? That’s subtle and funny.

  2. Andy says:

    How long ago was that pop culture?

  3. Andy,

    You must be like what ? 22 ? 🙂

  4. PD Shaw says:

    I got it, I got it !!!

  5. Herb says:
  6. Boyd says:

    Jenny Conway?