Rep. Tom McClintock: Obama Crossed A “Very Bright Constitutional Line” With Libya Attack

California Congressman Tom McClintock is one of the few Republicans standing up to the Obama Administration over it’s unilateral decision to go to war:

Good for him.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Logan says:

    So, if President Obama is in direct violation of the War Powers Act, then shouldn’t Rep. McClintock also be filing articles of impeachment against President Obama and VP Biden? Or is he just talking the talk without walking the walk? Surely, this would meet the criteria of a high crime and misdemeanor.

  2. After 8 years of “The unitary executive”, it’s hard to see GOP outrage on this issue as anything other than partisan posturing. Which is a shame, because it was unconstitutional, but there’s pretty much no one left who can make that charge with any degree of credibility.

  3. Tano says:

    good point Logan. How can this guy use such rhetoric, including shaming previous Congresses for allowing previous Presidents to do similar things, and then not follow through with the solution that his rhetoric demands.
    Clearly he is just bs-ing to score some rhetorical points.