Sandusky Rape Victim Bullied At School For Turning His Molester In

Just when you thought the Penn State child rape scandal couldn’t reveal anything worse about human nature, it does:

Victim One, the first known alleged victim of abuse by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, had to leave his school in the middle of his senior year because of bullying, his counselor said Sunday.

Officials at Central Mountain High School in Clinton County weren’t providing guidance for fellow students, who were reacting badly about Joe Paterno’s firing and blaming the 17-year-old, said Mike Gillum, the psychologist helping his family. Those officials were unavailable for comment this weekend.

The name-calling and verbal threats were just too much, he said.

This strikes me as a complete failure on the part of the High School. Here you have an alleged crime victim who ends up getting bullied because he reported the crime and Joe Paterno lost his job? The number of misplaced priorities here is pretty astounding.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Ben says:

    Those kids are absolutely vile. Wastes of a sperm and egg.

  2. Rob in CT says:

    Ahhh, high school. The only thing worse is middle school.

    I remember an incident from HS. A friend was being threatened. Not just bullied: he was threatened with a beating and a couple of times the guy issuing the threats had tried to start administering said beating.

    My friend eventually went to the guideance counselor and asked for help. The response? They called the other kid in and made them shake hands.

    A few days later, there was a fight. My idiot friend, convinced he had no recourse, had armed himself (with a piece of pipe). Thus a scuffle in the hallway ended up involving the cops. Ultimately, the school prevailed upon my friend’s family to send him to private school. From their point of view, the problem was thus solved. The arsehole who started it all came back to school. He and his brothers continued harrassing my friend whenever they saw him. We barely escape a pool hall in one piece, like a year later. They were low lifes and everybody knew it. The powers that were did nothing.

  3. Barb Hartwell says:

    In the 60s and 70s nobody listened to kids who told on anyone especially if the kids that bullied were into sports.A girlfriend and I once witnessed a gang rape of a girl behind the high school. We were very young about 10 and the boys were telling us to leave We through rocks at them and then when it was over we including the girl told but nothing was done to the boys They said she should not have been flirting with them basically telling her and her parents it was her fault She was only 15 years old. Things have changed since then but not enough..

  4. @Rob in CT:

    Yea, I agree, High School sucked.

    This strikes me as an even worse step into the muck, though. What kind of culture exists in Central PA when a kid who has been assaulted and, bravely, comes forward, ends up getting bullied out of school because some old dude lost his job coaching football for helping to cover up child rape? Where are the parents?

  5. @Barb Hartwell:

    All I can say to that is that, well, it sucks.

  6. There’s a Japanese term called “wa”, which essentially means “harmony” and “balance”. It’s a way of life in Japan, meaning that harmony among the populace is to be observed above all else. Those who don’t observe it learn a new phrase: “Senotakai tsume wa hanmā o shutoku”. Literally translated: “the tall nail gets the hammer.”

    When I was in high school – in the same liberal haven state as Rob above – I knew a kid who came forward about his freshman hazing ritual, where he was tied up, helpless, and whipped with a weightlifting belt. Actually, “came forward” isn’t accurate, more like “came forward because his mother wanted blood after seeing the visible welts”.

    Long story short: he moved to Florida. He had to. The abuse he took was so brutal that he had to. In school, he was an outcast, ostracised by teachers, administrators and students alike who couldn’t believe the gall of this freshman to dare threaten a potential 10-1 record! Outside of school… well, one can only imagine. That kid got beat up worse than Glass Joe.

    He disturbed my town’s “wa”. And he got hammered.

  7. Just nutha ig'rant cracker says:

    @Doug Mataconis: Where are the parents? At Beaver Stadium, where did you think they would be? Probably saying, “it’s a damn shame what happened to JoePa, someone should do something about it.”