N.C.A.A. Lifts All Of Its Sanctions Against Penn State

Well, that punishment didn’t last for very long.

Federal Judge Dismisses Pennsylvania Lawsuit Against NCAA Over Penn State Sanctions

Set backs for Pennsylvania in its effort to reverse the NCAA sanctions against Penn State, and a new lawsuit from the Paterno family. The Sandusky story returns.

Penn State Investigation Into Sandusky Scandal Likely To Be “Very Tough” On Paterno

Joe Paterno’s legacy is likely to take a lasting and damaging hit when a report on Penn State’s handling of the Sandusky mess is released.

Penn State Officials Acted To Protect Sandusky Amid Child Abuse Allegations

Jerry Sandusky is in jail, but the evidence of the crimes that were committed to protect him continues to mount.

Breaking and Unbreaking News in Twitter Time

Within an hour last evening, I passed along and retracted two breaking news stories on Twitter.

Paterno Sold Wife House for $1

Joe Paterno recently sold his share of their house to his wife for $1, presumably to shield it from legal settlements.

Joe Paterno’s Name Off Big Ten Trophy

The Big Ten has decided that naming its championship trophy after a man who enabled the raping of multiple children is a bad idea.

Penn State Students Riot Over Joe Paterno Firing

The firing of legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno led to a full-blown riot by outraged students.

Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Jerry Sandusky, the longtime defensive coordinator for the Penn State football team, is being charged with eight counts of child sex abuse.