Investigation Finds Ohio State Doctor Abused At Least 177 Students

An investigation has found that a doctor linked to Ohio State’s wrestling program abused more than 170 students during his time at the school.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan Accused Of Covering Up Sexual Abuse At Ohio State

Jim Jordan, who heads the powerful House Freedom Caucus, is being accused of ignoring reports of sexual abuse by a team doctor while he was a coach at The Ohio State University.

Pennsylvania Court Reinstates Jerry Sandusky’s State Pension

This is likely to outrage a lot of people, but it may not be incorrect under the law.

Joe Paterno’s Wins Restored

A victory for evil.

ESPN’s Conflict of Interest

Can ESPN cover sports while partnering with the sports leagues?

Bill Cosby vs. Ben Roethlisberger

Chris Rock wants us to remember that Bill Cosby isn’t the only celebrity accused of rape.

The TMZification of Sports

Today’s sports media more closely resemble Court TV and TMZ than the SportsCenter of yore.

N.C.A.A. Lifts All Of Its Sanctions Against Penn State

Well, that punishment didn’t last for very long.

Federal Judge Dismisses Pennsylvania Lawsuit Against NCAA Over Penn State Sanctions

Set backs for Pennsylvania in its effort to reverse the NCAA sanctions against Penn State, and a new lawsuit from the Paterno family. The Sandusky story returns.

The Petraeus Scandal Within a Scandal

The scandal that led to P4’s downfall has many layers, none of them flattering to the most famous American general of his generation.

Rioting Penn State Cadet Shocked to Be Kicked Out of ROTC Program

Justin Strine spent part of the summer in jail for violent mayhem but doesn’t understand why he’s unfit to be an Army officer.

Bobby Bowden Not Rejoicing Over Career Wins* Lead

Bobby Bowden now owns the record for most wins by a head coach in college football’s top division, thanks to the NCAA taking 111 wins away from Joe Paterno. He’s quite rightly not excited about it.

NCAA Hits Penn State With Crippling Penalties

The NCAA more than lived up to the hype of “unprecedented” sanctions.

Joe Paterno Obituary Cartoon Do-Over

Rob Tornoe has revised his Joe Paterno-Bear Bryant cartoon in light of the Freeh Report.

Freeh Report Slams Joe Paterno, Other Penn State Officials, On Sandusky Scandal

The cover-up at Penn State was, if anything, worse than we thought,.

Penn State Investigation Into Sandusky Scandal Likely To Be “Very Tough” On Paterno

Joe Paterno’s legacy is likely to take a lasting and damaging hit when a report on Penn State’s handling of the Sandusky mess is released.

Penn State Officials Acted To Protect Sandusky Amid Child Abuse Allegations

Jerry Sandusky is in jail, but the evidence of the crimes that were committed to protect him continues to mount.

Saints Coach Sean Payton’s Book and the Bounty Scandal

CBS Sports’ Mike Freeman takes a new look at New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton’s bestseller Home Team in light of the bounty scandal that broke yesterday.

Joe Paterno Dead At 85, Family Confirms

After a depressing and sad end to a storied career, Penn State’s legendary JoePa has passed away.

College Football Coaches Salaries Soar As College Budgets Fall

College football coaching salaries jumped 35 percent last year and 55 percent in the last six.

Breaking and Unbreaking News in Twitter Time

Within an hour last evening, I passed along and retracted two breaking news stories on Twitter.

Paterno Sold Wife House for $1

Joe Paterno recently sold his share of their house to his wife for $1, presumably to shield it from legal settlements.

Mike McQueary Appears To Contradict His Own Grand Jury Testimony

Is the star witness in the Penn State case changing his story, or just trying to protect his reputation?

Joe Paterno’s Name Off Big Ten Trophy

The Big Ten has decided that naming its championship trophy after a man who enabled the raping of multiple children is a bad idea.

A Different Perspective On The Paterno Issue

The real problems at Penn State aren’t just going away now that Joe Paterno is gone.

Penn State Students Riot Over Joe Paterno Firing

The firing of legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno led to a full-blown riot by outraged students.

Joe Paterno Out in Wake of Child Rape Coverup

Penn State is cleaning house, including the legendary Joe Paterno.

The Moral Irresponsibility Of Joe Paterno

If true, Joe Paterno’s actions in response to charges of child abuse by a coach are indefensible.