Sarah Palin Re-Enters Alaska State Politics

Sarah Palin has issued an endorsement that will be very interesting to watch:

Sarah Palin endorsed Fairbanks lawyer Joe Miller for U.S. Senate this morning, saying Lisa Murkowski is part of the problem in D.C.

“Unfortunately, Lisa Murkowski and much of the political establishment have recently evolved into being a bigger part of the big government problem in Washington, and they’ve strayed from the principles upon which they had espoused,” Palin wrote in a message posted on her Facebook page.

“They ushered in the largest increase in federal domestic spending since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society; it’s an increase in government that political machines may embrace, but “we the people” reject because we know it’s unsustainable and immorally burdensome to future generations.”

Miller is running against Murkowski in the Aug. 24 Republican primary. Todd Palin has already attended a fundraiser for Miiller.

Palin, of course, made her name in Alaska in 2006 when she challenged sitting Governor Frank Murksowski, a former Senator himself who had become a fixture of Alaskan politics. When Murkowski became Governor in 2002, he appointed his daughter Lisa to replace him, a move that probably would never have been accepted outside of the 49th State. In 2006, amid allegations of corruption, Murkowski lost the GOP primary to Palin. Suffice it to say that there isn’t much good feeling between the Palin’s and the Murkowski’s.

After the 2008 election, there were some rumors that Palin would challenge Murkowski herself but that never materialized. Now, Palin has endorsed Murkowski’s opponent. There hasn’t been any real polling of this race yet, although a poll in December showed Murkowski with a 69% approval rating. So the question is whether the former Governor has any influence left in her home state. Stay tuned.

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  1. Mark Hayden says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The Half-Term Governor of Alaska speaketh. Doth anyone care?