Saudis: Steal From Gay Muslims

Saudis: Steal From Gay Muslims (Atlantic Monthly)

Saudi Arabia has long been generous to Muslims in America. Not only does the House of Saud supply funding to build mosques in the United States, but it provides a wealth of religious literature to stock those mosques’ libraries and study halls. What does that literature say? Representatives from the human-rights organization Freedom House spent a year sampling Saudi-supplied literature at mosques in major American cities, and encountered a variety of troubling texts. Among other things, Muslims are urged to avoid befriending Jews and Christians; to treat their time in the United States as they would a trip behind enemy lines; to revile Sufism, Shia, and other non-Wahhabi variants of Islam; to rob and inflict violence on Muslims who engage in homosexual acts; and to kill Muslims who convert to other faiths. The usual anti-Semitic slurs are recycled (The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, for instance, is treated as a historical document in Saudi-donated textbooks), and many of the publications urge that women be required to wear veils and banned from various jobs. The report allows that most of these documents were supplied in the 1980s and 1990s, and that the government of Saudi Arabia claims to be “updating” its books and study materials. But the researchers add that the titles in question remain “widespread and plentiful” in the United States, and continue to be used in the education of Muslims here.

“Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Invade American Mosques,” Freedom House

Not at all surprising to those familiar with Steve Emerson’s work, especially American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us.

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  1. herb says:

    I get sooooo disgusted at this kind of BS. When are we Americans going to learn that you can’t trust a muslim. They will put the screws to you everytime you give them an inch, but beware, they will do it behind your back. In every military engagement we have had, they run like jackrabbits, then befriend you and stick a daggar in your back. The biggest mistake we made in the US is to not invade and take over Saudi while we took over Iraq. To hell with their oil, all we need to do is withold their food. Let’s see them grow corn in the sand.

  2. Norm Emerson says:

    Where is written that killing is ok? Perhaps from Ismael?

  3. Dennis Brannum says:

    I don`t what the answer to the middle-east situtation ,it has always been a problem for the children of Abraham to not fight.I wonder what the Creator thinks about his children?

  4. BobN says:

    I’ve heard that the revised versions of these books that the Saudis are working on will no longer call for robbery and death for gay muslims. Apparently, they’re dropping the robbery bit…