Scott Brown Passes On Massachusetts Governor

When he passed on the chance to run to fill the Senate seat that had been vacated by John Kerry, many political observers assumed that former Senator Scott Brown was considering a run for Massachusetts Governor instead. It seemed like an entirely logical choice for him, after all. Despite its generally heavily Democratic leanings, Massachusetts has been surprisingly bipartisan in who it has sent to the Governor’s Mansion over the years. Indeed, over the past two decades, Republicans have held the Governor’s office for all but the six years that Deval Patrick has been Governor. Additionally, Brown arguably comes from the same generally moderate side of the GOP that Governors such as Weld, Cellucci, and Romney have come from. Yesterday, though, we learned that Brown was passing on a run for Governor:

Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown (R) will not run for governor in 2014, he announced Wednesday, citing a satisfaction with “fulfilling and exhilarating” opportunities he’s pursued in the private sector since leaving office.

“Tonight I announced that I will not be running for Governor of MA in 2014,” Brown wrote on his Facebook page. “As I said, I am grateful for your encouragement and support. For the first time in 15 plus years, I have had a Summer to spend with my family. In addition, I have been fortunate to have private sector opportunities that I find fulfilling and exhilarating. These new opportunities have allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I want to continue with that process.”


Since leaving office Brown, has joined a law firm and signed on as a contributor with Fox News. He did not say what his next move would be.

In addition to a run for governor, Brown has left the door open to a run for the Senate in New Hampshire (where he owns a house) and even a run for the White House in 2016. Brown was in the early presidential nominating state of Iowa over the weekend, where he stoked speculation about a White House bid.

Brown’s decision will turn the focus on the GOP side of the open governor’s race to Charlie Baker, the 2010 nominee who has been considering another bid. Brown said he would support Baker if he runs.

On the Democratic side, Juliette Kayyem, a former Boston Globe columnist and Obama administration homeland security official, announced Wednesday that she is running. She joined a field that includes  Donald M. Berwick, the former administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; state Treasurer Steven Grossman; state Sen. Daniel A. Wolf, and biotech executive and physician Joseph Avellone.

State Attorney General Martha Coakley (D), a popular figure whom Brown defeated in the 2010 Senate race, is also believed to be considering a run.

Brown was a member of the Massachusetts Legislature before running for the Senate, so perhaps he’s had his fill of politics for the time being. Or, perhaps he really is considering that run for Senate in New Hampshire.

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  1. CSK says:

    This truly surprises me, because Brown would have had a good shot at the governorship. He’s a fiscal conservative, which plays well in Massachusetts, and socially liberal, or at least laissez-faire, which also plays well here. I don’t see him mounting a successful campaign–or indeed any kind of campaign–for the Republican nomination for the presidency.

    Coakley has the best name recognition of any of the Democrats currently in the field, but whether the Mass. Democratic party would like her to be the standard bearer is quite another issue. She’s a terrible campaigner, and on top of that her personality leaves a lot to be desired, which means she probably can’t be retooled into a successful campaigner.

    By the way, Daniel Wolf has resigned as state senator and suspended his campaign because of an ethics investigation. So he’s probably out for good.

  2. michael reynolds says:


    A term as governor would have killed his chances to win a presidential nomination in his party.

  3. CSK says:

    @michael reynolds:

    But being in the private sector won’t enhance it, either. I don’t think he’s serious about running for the presidency ,anyway. What I think he MIGHT be doing is keeping up a public profile so as make himself an attractive VP candidate.

  4. Andre Kenji says:

    Brown was damaged by his 2012 campaign. Look at the exit polls:

    Brown lost big among women in all categories, and there is a convincing majority saying that he attacked unfairly Elizabeth Warren. He was condescending on the debates, and things like his staff imitating Indians did not help.