Republicans Score Wins In Key Governor’s Races

The Republican wave extended even to Governor’s races that, in any other year, they should have lost.

2014 Midterm Election Predictions

Time to look into the crystal ball.

Court Rules Defendant Must Reveal Computer’s Encryption Password

Another area where the law has yet to catch up to technology.

Republicans Haven’t Learned The Lessons Of 2012

The GOP seems to be making the same mistakes that led to defeat in 2012.

Massachusetts Democrats Worried About Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign stumbled badly this week.

BREAKING: Newt Gingrich Staff Resigns

Newt Gingrich’s entire senior presidential staff has resigned.

Scott Brown: I’m Not A Tea Party Candidate

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown was a Tea Party darling when he picked up Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat last year, but he’s not embracing the movement as he prepares to run for re-election next year.

Democrats Sweep Massachusetts

Democrats won the governorship, all 10 House seats, and all statewide races in Massachusetts.

Obama Endorsement A Negative In Battleground States

Barack Obama may not be doing much campaigning in the fall if recent poll numbers are any indication.

Brown Beats Coakley