Seahawks Free Safety Ken Hamlin In ICU

Another case of urban violence, but this case is getting the attention it should.

Seattle Seahawks safety Ken Hamlin was in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center with a fractured skull, bruising of the brain and a broken hand following a fight outside a Seattle nightclub early Monday.
Team physician Dr. Stan Herring said Hamlin also suffered a small blood clot in the brain and was in serious but stable condition. Hamlin, a third-year veteran from Arkansas who had five tackles in Seattle’s 42-10 win over Houston Sunday night, will remain in intensive care for the next day or two, Herring said.

This player is 6-2, 209# according to the NFL bio

A police report indicated Hamlin and his girlfriend were leaving the club at about 2 a.m. when Hamlin placed his hand on the back of a man and said, “Excuse me.” The girlfriend told officers that the man told Hamlin to stop pushing, and the two began shoving each other.
Hamlin then punched the man in the face. Another man struck Hamlin with his forearm, knocking him down, before Hamlin’s two adversaries began fighting with other men nearby, the report said. Other witnesses said one of the men hit Hamlin with some sort of street sign.

Ouch. It doesn̢۪t matter how big you are, being hit with a street sign will ruin your day.

Witnesses provided the men’s names to police.

Good to see the Social Contract alive and well, despite a slight bludgeoning.

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  1. Matt says:

    It’s a shame. I met him when he was a student here and he was a really nice kid.