The Border Standoff is Escalating Quickly

Gregg Abbott is now defying the U.S. Supreme Court, forcing a showdown.

[Voter Fraud Graphic] [Voter Fraud Graphic]

Voter Fraud Again Proves to be Rare

Even when it is focused on.

The Nikki Haley Comet

The anti-Trump forces are rallying around the former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador.

Why Americans Are So Anxious About Inflation

Prices are way up, even though the CPI is back under control.

Trump’s Stranglehold on Republican Voters

The base is remaining loyal to the only candidate they think can beat Biden.

Testing Section 3

State election officials are standing by for challenges to Trump’s right to run.

When Does A University Stop Being a University?

West Virginia University may be the canary in the coal mine.

The Injustice of Place

A new book looks at the confluence of geography and disadvantage.

Pelosi Desk Guy Gets 4-1/2 Years

Seems about right.

Why Are So Many Republicans Running?

Are they bored? Delusional?

Chinese Exclusion

A bill in Alabama would bar Chinese nationals from buying property in the state.

Trump’s Town Hall

CNN gave the former Liar in Chief a huuuge platform.

Barring Kids From Social Media

An odd set of Senators have a really bad idea.

Unrepresentative Democracy and Child Labor

We’re getting weird policies almost nobody is asking for.

Community Colleges Not Serving the Community

A key pathway to success for low-income citizens isn’t working.

Another Hat in the GOP Ring

I will admit, I didn’t see this coming.

Of Motes and Beams

The left and right are attacking basic rights. But not equally.

SOTU 2023: Normal vs Crazy

The state of the union is . . . not good.

There’s No Whisky in this Mouthwash?!

It turns out that the candy flavored booze at the grocery store isn’t even bourbon.

Clearing Tabs and Making Takes

In case you need some NYD reading.

Trump Hemmorhaging Donors and Backers

The ship is abandoning the sinking rat.

Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Survives Initial Legal Challenges

Opponents lose at the district and SCOTUS level in opening salvos.

Today’s Reverse Freedom Rides

A shameful stunt reminiscent of an even darker era.

Abortion Laws State by State

Abortion is now illegal or heavily restricted in at least 11 states.

Queer Couples, Divorce, and Custody Rights

An ugly divorce exposes a gap in our legal structure.

Professional Politicians Poor Prognosticators

Mitch McConnell and other senior Republican Senators foolishly believed their colleagues would do the right thing.

US Acknowledges Providing ISR Support to Ukraine

The Defense Department shares the worst-kept secret about the war effort.

Madeleine Albright, 1937-2022

A trailblazing diplomat has died at 84.

Washington Commanders

DC’s NFL franchise finally has a new name.

Alabama Beats Georgia, Back to Playoff

An epic but improbable win.

Buttigieg and Critical Road Theory

Mayor Pete is being mocked for telling obvious truths.

Yes, Florida’s Numbers are Better; No, that is not a Vindication of DeSantis’ Policies

Let’s look at the numbers and the clear effects of policy choices.

Women Likely to be Included in Draft

A long-overdue change appears to be happening.

Over 700,000 Americans Dead due to Covid-19

The number continues to rise.

COVID Overwhelming ICU Beds

It’s happening again. This time, it was easily preventable.

Covid Quick Links

Stories from the ongoing pandemic.

DeSantis’ Gall, Obfuscation, and Dishonesty

As the pandemic’s effects continue to worsen in Florida, DeSantis continues to play the worst kind of politics.

Timeline Ripped Out of Arkansas Yearbook

When “the news” isn’t just “the news.”

COVID Breakthrough Data

Compared to what?

Elite Behavior Matters

The College Republican National Committee Chairman elections shows the lessons taught by the national party.

Delta Variant

More reminders that the pandemic is not over.

The Tragedy of Politicized Vaccines

Public health shouldn’t be made into a partisan issue.

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People Are Crazy

A lottery brings out the worst in a small town.

Start the Steal?

Cries that American democracy is in jeopardy are not hyperbole.

Manchin Opposes Tanden for OMB

The Senate’s last conservative Democrat is taking President Biden’s call for unity seriously.

More on the Evolution of US Party Politics

Specifically: the former confederacy and Democratic dominance.