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An interesting aside that I noticed when writing my post on the finding of SSG Keith Maupin’s remains: I referenced eight bloggers in a roundup at the end of my June 28, 2004 post announcing Maupin’s murder: Donnie Hall, M.H. King, Robb Allen, Chris Short, StarBanker, Dean Esmay, John Little, and Jeff Quinton. Seven of the eight links are broken. Most of them are no longer blogging and two are still operating the same domain that I linked less than four years ago.

Esmay, of course, still writes at Dean’s World and Little’s Blogs of War has remained in operation, although his old permalinks are FUBAR for whatever reason. Chris Short moved quite some time ago to a new domain and site name, Conservative Thinking, but it, too, is now defunct, perhaps because of DoD restrictions on blogging (he’s active duty Air Force). Quinton quit blogging for quite some time and now has a Baltimore-specific blog called Inside Charm City (which is rather amusing, since he formerly ran a South Carolina-based national politics blog called Backwater Conservative).

I haven’t any idea what Hall, King, Allen, StarBanker are up to.

UPDATE: A commenter informs me Allen has merely changed domains; Sharp as a Marble is still up and running.

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  1. Boyd says:

    Robb Allen still posts at Sharp as a Marble.

  2. Dave Schuler says:

    Dean’s permalinks are broken, too, due to a recent web host change. I’d tried to get him to adopt my method for preserving old permalinks but he wasn’t interested.

  3. Fausta says:

    Michael King stopped blogging because he started working for a TV broadcast station in Atlanta and his job precludes it.

    You can follow him on Twitter as MH King, though.