Small Consistencies, Hobgoblins and Viagra for Rapist and Pedophiles

Well apparently this is the new scandal du jour. Kevin Drum has blogged on it. Michelle Malkin as well. As well as quite a few others. What caught my attention was this post from Lindsay Beyerstein.

Medicaid is not an arm of the parole system. Prescriptions shouldn’t be rationed in the name of social engineering. It sounds as if Health and Human Services might even revoke Viagra coverage for sex offenders who have already served their time. This is unconscionable.

I wonder if it has dawned on Lindsay that Medicare is doing precisely this…rationing drugs in the name of social engineering. The market outcome would likely result in far fewer current retirees having access to prescription drugs. It just so happens that with Medicare the rationing system increases the amount of prescription drugs instead of decreasing them. After all the market is a rationing system itself. All goods and services have a finite supply and hence must be rationed in some way.

I’m not a pharmaco-economist,….

No kidding.

Personally I think we need to remove all laws prohibiting violent criminals from owning firearms. After all the Constitution does say that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, and it is unconcionable to prevent felons who have already served their time from being able to defend themselves.

Steve Verdon
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