Steve Webb, Member of Parliament, Bad Parent

This follows from his statements to the BBC.

Liberal Democrat health spokesman Steve Webb is starting a petition in Parliament saying there is no need for the 40% bigger burger.


“Adults can make their own minds up – I eat burgers from time to time so I’m not saying they are evil.

“But McDonalds are targeting kids and sport as a great way to get through to kids.”

Funny, I seem to have little problem making sure my son eats healthy. Maybe the Brits need a CCTV system inside every burger joint to monitor people’s intake of the fat laden tasty meat patties on a bun.

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  1. Mario Mirarchi says:

    Have a look at this:

    I believe Lord Blair is a reference to the current Prime Minister

  2. Steve Verdon says:

    Yeah I blogged that article not too long ago. Kind of funny and a bit scary.