Super Bowl XLIII Commercials

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I found this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials pretty lackluster. At one point, I speculated that perhaps Madison Avenue decided that it would be in poor taste to spend scads of money on commercials during an economic downturn. Then I remembered it was Madison Avenue I was thinking of and discarded that theory. Whatever the reason, though, it was a down year for the art.

There were a few notable exceptions, though, with Bridgestone and NBC itself easily leading the pack in entertainment value and creativity.

As per usual, viewers can vote on the best ones. I voted for the Bud Light meeting, Bridgestone’s Mr. & Mrs. Potatohead and Astronauts spots, Hulu, the (widely unshown) Ashley Madison spot, and (my personal favourite) the Heroes of the Gridiron NBC self-promo:

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  1. tom p says:

    all the commercials sucked this year (admittedly, I stopped watching aftter the first few)but there was nothing even close to “cat-herding”.