Susan Lindauer Accused of Spying for the Enemy

Kevin Aylward has a roundup of links on the Susan Lindauer story.

Federal agents today arrested a Maryland woman at her home on charges of acting as an agent for the Iraqi government of former president Saddam Hussein and plotting to aid resistance groups in Iraq after Hussein was ousted by U.S. forces.

Susan Lindauer, 40, a former journalist and congressional aide in Washington, was taken into custody by the FBI at her home in Takoma Park after federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment against her and two Iraqis, the sons of a former diplomat, who were charged with similar offenses.

Lindauer was to be presented in U.S. District Court in Baltimore today and arraigned in New York, where the indictment originated, on Monday. Lindauer was not immediately available for comment, and a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Baltimore said she did not know whether Lindauer had a lawyer. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York, however, said they expected that she would be represented by an attorney from the federal public defender’s office in Baltimore.

Some other Susan Lindauer links I received via e-mail earlier this afternoon:

Update: Jim Henley has more.*

*Note: Jim was the sender of the e-mail in question; I didn’t associate his name with a weblog and generally don’t include e-mailer’s names in posts if I don’t have a blog to associate with it.

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  1. Mithras says:

    I saw a quote from her neighbor, “She lived in her own little world.” This, in Takoma Park!

  2. abba says:

    I was looking at an ap wire on this incident. No mention of her having worked in Democratic Senators’ offices. I think she worked for Mosley-braun as well (figures). The article did mention that her father was a Republician and ran for Gov. in Alaska and a distant cousin of a someone in the President’s office. Nice truth in reporting there. I hope a full investigation is demanded regarding the Senators and whatever security leaks may have transpired while they had this traitor in their employ.

  3. michael dobey says:

    I went to school with her , she’s from alaska, anchorage, east high school. (1981) what a deluded person she became , she wasn’t mentally ill back then which I suspect she is now, although there was alot of drug use back then in alaska. with numerous drug casualities including deaths, and many whose lives were ruined during that period ( 1978-81), especially with that nasty and powerful window pane lsd , she was a nice person back then however.