Americans Shut Out Of Intrade

Thanks to the CFTC, Americans will no longer be able to participate in Intrade’s predictions markets.

Don’t Know Much About The French I Took

Most people forget most of what they learn in school. Should we call the whole thing off?

Understanding The Other Side

Paul Krugman thinks liberals understand conservatives but not vice versa. He’s half right.

Education as Job Training

Economist Bryan Caplan argues that our educational system does not prepare our children for the modern economy.

Education and the Market

The value of education depends on what one means by “education.”

Those Overeducated Ethiopians

Bryan Caplan argues that the fact so many kids in the developing world don’t go to school proves that education isn’t very valuable.

Debating In A Civil Society

Screaming at one another and treating political opponents as enemies doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere. But is there a realistic alternative?

Economists Can’t Define ‘Money’

Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today.