Loretta Lynn, 1932-2022

A country music icon is gone at 90.

Tom T. Hall, 1936-2021

The legendary country music singer-songwriter known as “The Storyteller” is gone at 85.

Nashville Christmas Bombing

An exploding RV did substantial property damage but caused only minor injuries to bystanders.

Charley Pride Dead at 87

A country music legend is yet another victim of COVID.

Charlie Daniels Dead at 83

The Country Music Hall of Famer is gone.

Kenny Rogers, Country Legend, Dead at 81

He was the king of crossover hits long before Garth Brooks.

Merle Haggard Dead at 79

A country music legend has passed.

George Jones, Country Music Legend, Dead at 81

Legendary country music singer George Jones has died, aged 81.

Loretta Lynn Three Years Older Than She Claims: Kentucky

For years, I’ve used Loretta Lynn as an example of how fast societal mores have changed. It turns out that her marriage at age 13 may be a bit of myth making.