Feinstein is Declining But What About Tuberville

A twist on an evergreen debate.

Trump Says He’d Never Spy On North Korea

President Trump says that he would not spy on a rival regime like North Korea, once again making one wonder where his loyalties lie.

A ‘Soft Coup’ Inside The White House Isn’t The Antidote To Trumpism

Donald Trump is a bad, inept, and potentially dangerous President. That doesn’t mean that a ‘soft coup’ inside the White House is the answer to the problem he presents to our democratic republic.

Turkish Governing Party Loses Parliamentary Majority In Elections

Turkey’s governing party suffered big setbacks at the ballot box yesterday.

The Anti-Vaccination Thing

The debate over whether kids need to be vaccinated against communicable diseases baffles me.

Senate Nears Deal That Kicks The Can Down The Road, Accomplishes Little Else

The deal emerging out of the talks between Senator Reid and Senator McConnell is about what you’d expect, but it’s probably the best we can expect right now.

Yes, Ted Cruz is Eligible to Be President Even Though Canadian-Born

There’s simply no question that a person born abroad to a US citizen is a ‘natural-born Citizen.’

For Some Reason, Conservatives Are Eager For Paul Ryan To Get A Powerless Job

The recent call by many on the right for Mitt Romney to select Paul Ryan as his running mate is puzzling.

Intellectual Honesty in American Politics: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

A Bill Clinton parody account created by the Romney campaign is both clever and yet another sign of what’s wrong with American politics.