Hoisted on his own anti-VBM Petard

Trump’s nonsense campaign against vote-by-mail could cost the GOP votes.

Most Dominant Athletes of the Last 20 Years

ESPN the Magazine has broken out the slide rule to rank the top athletes during its first two decades.

What to Make of the 2014 Wave Election

What happened Tuesday? And what does it tell us about 2016?

House Republicans Are Dooming Their 2016 Nominee With Latino Voters

Republicans in the House seem determined to make life difficult for whomever wins the GOP nomination in 2016

Republicans Hold Edge In Battle For Senate Control

Thanks to favorable polling numbers and candidate selection, winning the Senate may very well be in the GOP’s grasp.

Kim Update

Why Republicans Will Keep House in 2012

Republican pollster Glen Bolger makes a bold promise: The GOP will retain House control in 2012 – Guaranteed.

2010 Election About Big Things

Republicans should hammer big themes — the loss of jobs, the poor health of the economy, reckless spending, increasing the size/scope of government, and tax increases — and avoid getting bogged down in policy details this campaign season.

Charlie Cook: “Hurricane GOP” Bearing Down On Democrats

The latest poll trends have pollster Charlie Cook thinking that the Democrats could be in for a very bad trouncing on Election Day.