Porn Site OnlyFans Bans Porn

Making sense of a weird story.

How Powerful is Kamala Harris?

Could the Vice President end the filibuster herself?

Insurgents Linked To Al Qaeda Capture Iraq’s Second City

Things only seem to be getting worse in Iraq.

Defense Contractors Making Double President’s Salary

We’re paying a lot of money for defense contractors. It’s not clear how much of this is wasteful.

What Did Susan Rice Know and When Did She Know It?

I have for months taken it as a given that she went on five Sunday morning talk shows and lied about what happened there. Did she?

Benghazi Whistle Blower Demoted for Bad Management, Not Whistle Blowing?

ThinkProgress’ Hayes Brown reports that, contrary to his claim that he was demoted for speaking up on the Benghazi attacks, Gregory Hicks was instead demoted for being a bad manager.

Samantha Power to Spend More Time with Family

Samantha Power is leaving the Obama administration to spend more time with her family. No, really.

Hamdan Conviction Overturned Years Too Late For Hamdan

Osama’s driver, who was convicted of only technical crimes, has had his conviction overturned on a technicality.

Robert Mugabe Not UN Tourism Ambassador, A Position That Doesn’t Exist

An Internet meme that Robert Mugabe has been named UN Tourism Ambassador is untrue.