Justices Didn’t Lie About Abortion in Hearings

Susan Collins and other Senators claiming otherwise are just wrong.

Balloon Juice at 20

John Cole’s blog is older than dirt.

Worse Than 9/11 and the Great Recession Combined

The greatest crisis the nation has faced in my lifetime.

Blogging > Peer Review Publishing?

Robert Farley takes a shot across the bow at the academy from the pages of one of his field’s most prestigious journals.

Do College Professors Work Enough?

David C. Levy argues college professors at teaching universities are overpaid because they don’t put in enough hours.

International Relations Graduate School Pros and Cons

So, you want a career in foreign policy field and are weighing your options….

Vietnam Draft Lottery Had Lasting Impact

The draft ended in 1973. It’s effects still linger today.

National Drinking Habits

Americans drink less than Europeans and far less than Russians.