The Great James Carville Oil Spill Freak Out Of 2010

In case you missed it, here are the highlights from James Carville’s rant against the White House Good Morning America this morning:

Man, when a Democrat loses James Carville…….

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. grampagravy says:

    Man, when a Democrat loses James Carville…….

    it just means Carville has been feeling neglected lately.

  2. anjin-san says:

    Man, when a Democrat loses James Carville

    Carville has to keep his profile up somehow.

  3. to think here i sit and could stop the leak built the separated call several hundred time yet no one returns my call what a country what a world and to think we believe people in charge or our smartest this is now I believe about money.

  4. tacky66 says:

    well i guess the administration is eating crow now, you should have listened to james carville and the like weeks and weeks ago. do what this fine gentleman and the others are proposing, listen up now, it is never too late. get the oil off of the surface of the ocean, and on and on; bp has no integrity, no respect for anybody.
    from chicago, mr. president, go right back to louisiana.

  5. tacky66 says:

    anyone that speaks against mr. james carville are just plain ignorant and have no love for the usa. we are losing precious shorelines, precious wild life, precious sea life; take heed administration and do your job. and you were a candidate of change, you should hang your head low.

  6. grampagravy says:

    Tacky66, Carville’s mouth isn’t removing any oil from the Gulf. The oil on the surface of the Gulf is just the tip of the iceberg, so Obama in LA with a shovel or a sponge won’t be any more productive than Carville’s mouth. Your anger would be better directed at BP, Halliburton, TransOcean, and the oil addicted American public–see you at the gas pump!

  7. Puffcat says:

    I’ts like Barry’s in another world. He seems not to care what the American public thinks or what’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico. All he seems to be interested in is pointing fingers and posturing. As far as stopping the oil spill, he seems to think that somebody else should do it no matter how many times he stands up and says he’s pushing BP out of the way, he’s seizing the reins, or that we’re (he’s) going to do whatever is necessary plug the leak. It’s like he’s in some other world or something. Where did we find this guy? Did he actually ever have a real job before he entered politics? Unbelievealbe!!

  8. jen1023 says:

    No, he didn’t have a real job before this.  He was a professor and teacher, so has never actually applied any priniciples that he teaches, and as anyone who works in the real world, theory is great, but doesn’t always work out as planned.  We pesky humans and unexpected occurrances sometimes mess them up. I looked at his resume’ when he was candidate and if it had crossed my desk to manage an internal $2 million project, it would have hit the trash as he doesn’t have the experience your below average project manager has, so it’s no wonder he doesn’t know what to do now.  He’s never had to work to a real deadline, never had to resolve problems when it matters for more than a grade.  He has no leadership skills.  His only qualification is he delivers a decent speech and is African-American..whoop-de-doo!  Anyone who voted this yo-yo in is at least marginally responsible for this and the other crisis we are/will face in the very-near future.  But that aside, I agree with Carville.  BP is responsible for stopping the spill and the govt needs to leave them alone and let them do it.  BP is bleeding cash with the oil and that is a major motivation, more than the administration threatening them.  The Fed was/is responsible for stopping the oil from getting to shore.  They’ve failed at that miserably and now try to deflect by posturing, giving speeches and sending the AG to bully BP when their attention needs to be elsewhere.  Again, this is another example of lack of leadership, not knowing how to set priorities.  If the house was set on fire, you call the fireman, put out the blaze, THEN look for the arsonist.  You don’t call a press conference, give a speech on how dangerous fire is and that you’re sure it’s arson, and then start combing the neighborhood for clues while the people are trapped in the house and the flames are roaring…this administration is what my dad used to refer to as “educated idiots”….lots of book-learning, but missing the common sense God gave a goose.  As for who is at fault, I’m sure BP or one of it’s suppliers is primarily at fault, however, again the Fed is partially responsible.  BO wants to blame Bush for the staff of the MMS, well, he appointed it’s lead, who has now resigned, and she didn’t do what all new heads of departments do all across America, even in 18 months time….review the staff!!  and get rid of the non-performers and clean-up any left-over problems.  She was apparently playing footsie with the oil companies as well while her staff was busy with porno and other non-job-related activities on the taxpayer dime. Everyone seems to have forgotten about that!  More regulation does nothing if no one is minding the store and is applied evenly to all..and not a one of those yahoos were terminated!  More government and more regulation is not the answer. Enforcement of the existing regulation would go a very long way toward resolving so many of our issues, but that would require competent govt employees that are FIRED when they do things like watch porno all day.  First the SEC, we see what that got us, now the MMS.  ICE is probably watching reruns of 24 and pretending they’re enforcing the immigration laws on the Federal books.