Today’s Non-Outrageous Outrage Of The Day

President Obama won’t be speaking at this week’s Boy Scout Jamboree

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. I’m outraged! (Wait, why I am I outraged again?)

  2. Robert in SF says:

    Here’s a thought experiment: which outrage would have been “worse”?

    The “he won’t associate with a Christian organization” outrage, since he’s not speaking?


    The “he’s trying to indoctrinate our kids!” outrage, if he did speak?

    Tough to imagine a “right” approach for President Obama, to this situation, since the right wing manages to spin whatever he chooses to do/not do as an affront to the American Way….

  3. Check out the comments at the linked site, you’ll find plenty of that

  4. Brett says:

    It’s not so much as an outrage as a “too bad”. Not that most of the Scouts will really care.

    I’m saying that from personal experience, since I was a Boy Scout at the 2001 National Jamboree (the trip we took down the east coast from Boston to the site in Virginia was more fun than the Jamboree itself). I remember Bush was supposed to speak to us in person, but canceled because of a really bad thunderstorm on the day he was supposed to be speaking (lightning actually touched ground less than 100 feet from my troop’s are). We just saw a recorded speech instead, and nobody cared.

  5. Thank God, keeps the already annoying amount of police and security at Fort A.P. Hill in here Caroline County down.