Tokyo Stabbing Spree

A crazed Tokyo man has killed seven people in a stabbing spree.

Tokyo Stabbing Spree Photo Rescue workers from Tokyo Fire Department get ready with their equipment after their arrival in Tokyo's Akihabara district Sunday afternoon, June 8, 2008. A reported gangster went on a midday stabbing rampage in Tokyo's premier electronics and video game district Sunday, knifing at least 14 people. A news report said at least two of the victims were dead.<br /> (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye) A man who police said “was tired of life” drove into a crowd of pedestrians Sunday and then went on a stabbing rampage in Tokyo’s premier electronics and video game district, killing seven people and wounding 10, authorities said.

The deadly lunchtime assault happened in Akihabara district after the attacker drove a rented two-ton truck into a crowd, running over three people, public broadcaster NHK quoted an unidentified witness as saying.

News reports said the man jumped out of the truck and began stabbing the people he’d knocked down, then turned on horrified onlookers. The attacker grunted and roared as he slashed and stabbed at his victims on a street crowded with Sunday shoppers, reports said.

“He was screaming as he was stabbing people at random,” another unidentified witness told NHK.

This tragedy could have been prevented. There’s simply no reason for assault knives to be in the hands of ordinary citizens.

UPDATE: Reductio creep has already set in, apparently: England is considering a ban on knives.

Knife crime among young people has sparked a widespread debate in recent weeks in Britain, where police say they have seen “a worrying trend” toward more severe knife attacks involving younger attackers and victims.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Thursday announced a crackdown on teenagers carrying knives, saying that those as young as 16 will be prosecuted for knife possession on the first offense. Previously, anyone younger than 18 generally received only a warning.

“Young people need to understand that carrying knives doesn’t protect you, it does the opposite — it increases the danger for all of us, destroys young lives and ruins families,” Brown said after meeting with top police and government officials at his 10 Downing Street office. “Recent tragic events have reminded us of that.”

In a country where almost all guns are illegal, police say knives are the most popular weapons carried by youths in major cities from London to Glasgow. A police stop-and-search campaign in London last month found that about 5 percent of the 4,200 youths randomly checked were carrying knives.

It’s getting mighty hard to do satire these days.

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  1. hitnrun says:

    Eventually it’ll be like prison, where people will have to walk around with end-sharpened toothbrushes for protection.

    (Man, I loved Oz before it jumped the shark.)

  2. grampagravy says:

    Take away all the guns, then you’ll have to take away the knives/swords/hatchets etc. Soon after, take away the clubs and sticks. Rocks would present a problem (there’s so many of them!), but eventually they would have to be taken away as well…..once the above is accomplished hands would have to be removed at birth to prevent strangulations.
    Wait a minute..taking things away won’t work..without hands people will just kick each other to death….gotta take away the people to stop the slaughter!

  3. DC Loser says:

    You want satire? We can do plenty in our own country with our stupid TSA list of banned items. We’ll be flying naked pretty soon given the growing list of items no longer allowed and the hassle of going through security.

  4. Richard says:

    In England knives are already banned, unless you can prove you have a good reason. Recently a woman was in the news, being supposedly lucky that her prosecution was dropped when she was seen handling a fish. The fact that she had told the police she ran a fish stall on the market, and that there was no claim that she was doing or planning anything dangerous with the knife did not stop them trying to prosecute her.

  5. John Burgess says:

    DC Loser: For many years–long before TSA–I’ve believed that the only ‘safe’ way to handle airline passengers was to strip them naked, then gas them into unconsciousness. Then, they can be handled like freight, lowering the cost of travel enormously.

    It’s only those few who would have bad reactions–like those with peanut allergies–that are keeping us from efficient and cheap air travel.

    Write your congresscritter. And buff up, ‘cuz what the new screening machines leave to the imagination, the new strip-n-sleep policy won’t.

  6. TallDave says:

    And do pencils REALLY need to be THAT sharp??

    You say pencil sharpener. I say murder enabler.

  7. Anderson says:

    A man who police said “was tired of life”

    And not just his own, apparently.