U.S. Death Toll From Sandy Rises To 109

The death toll from Hurricane Sandy is starting to rise:

The death toll in the United States from Superstorm Sandy rose to 109 victims on Friday, as Pennsylvania reported four additional deaths and New York City reported two more fatalities. Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned: “There could be more fatalities.”

Two bodies were recovered Friday on Staten Island. The toll in the nation’s largest city is now 41 deaths, according to the governor’s office. However, the New York Police Department had reported 40 deaths in the city.

Besides New York City, the deaths NBC News has confirmed are:

New Jersey: 22

Pennsylvania: 12

Maryland: 11

Rest of New York state: 8

West Virginia: 6

Connecticut: 4

Virginia: 2

North Carolina: 2

Puerto Rico: 1

The storm also claimed at least 54 lives in Haiti, 11 in Cuba, 5 in other parts of the Caribbean, and even two in Canada.

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