Vibrant Village Quieted As Salvadorans Go North

In yet another article about how only what happens in Washington DC or NYC matters (another example is the lack of landfill space in NYC means a landfill crisis in all of America), we have a WaPo article on Salvadorians in the USA, meaning the general Washington DC area, being the typical Hispanic undocumented alien, which is BS, since most are Mexican. The fact is that at least a quarter of all people born in El Salvador now living are now [legally] residing within a 100 mile circle around Washington, DC, due to special immigration quotas exacted as penance for the US support against the thugs in the Salvadorian (un-)civil war, and most of them are legal residents, and are not illegal aliens. But the reporters look for a local angle, however tenuous. Nowhere in the article does it separate legal, versus illegal workers, but it plays at the heartstrings, not mentioning that most of the Salvadorian immigrants are legal — if you know that, legal immigration is evil.

It was just past noon, yet the only sign of life in the main square of this remote eastern village was an elderly man swinging in a hammock on his porch.
There was a time, Jose Nieve-Reyes Rubio, 70, explained in a gravelly voice, when the plaza would have been packed with vendors and customers by this hour, their shouts ringing through the air as they bought and sold food, clothing and every imaginable kind of trinket.
“But that was more than 10 years ago,” he said as he settled back into his hammock. “Before everyone left for the States.”
Today, like villages across El Salvador, Piedras Blancas has been nearly emptied of its working-age inhabitants. Left behind are children and grandparents who live on money that relatives send from such previously unheard of places as “Manassas, Virginia,” “Houston, Texas,” and simply “Maryland” — the catchall term by which people here refer to a host of Washington area suburbs.
Although exact figures are difficult to determine, the director of the village school, who has tracked the student population for two decades, estimates that more than 3,500 Piedras Blancas natives, or about 40 percent of the population, live in the United States.
In the fourth-grade class, where teacher Roney Ramirez was giving a social studies lesson on a recent afternoon, 17 of the 21 students have at least one parent abroad.

The poor backwards people, they are suffering from legal immigration to the USA. It must be stopped!

Meanwhile, the folks in DC can eat great papusas. As well as other great foods.

The author of this article assumes his/her readers are ignorant, or the author is ignorant.

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  1. DC Loser says:

    In yet another article about how only what happens in Washington DC or NYC matters

    Well, since this is the WaPo, so it is logical that there is a strong spin for DC.

    I read this article this morning, and didn’t get the feeling about whether this was either pro or anti immigration. It was about the impact of migration on a small Salvadoran town and the effects on the people left behind. I think the article was positive about the effects of the money being remitted back to the families left behind. The Post has done a series of articles in this vein about the effects of migration on various Central American countries (El Salvador, Honduras, to name a few).