Water Gun Assassin Role Playing Game in London

A roleplaying game where the participants use water guns to “kill” their target is going to start in London. The contestants are assigned a target and have to “kill” the target with a water pistol, the last participant standing recieves $500.

Naturally the London’s Metropolitan Police and the British Transport Police are both against this and with good reason, IMO. In London if you look even vaguely suspicious they kill you. Play this game and you too can get shot in the head seven times, but with real bullets.

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Steve Verdon
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  1. Bithead says:


    You mean their water pistols aren’t painted dayglow orange like ours in the states are?

    I could get three paras of comments off THAT one. But I won’t bother.

  2. M. Murcek says:

    They were playing this game way back in the late 70s when I was in college in Cleveland. It was called KAOS – Killing As Organized Sport.

    Old and busted, except for the “you could get killed (for real) doing it” part…

  3. Anderson says:

    Look for the gene pool in London to be slightly improved over the coming days.

  4. Kent G. Budge says:

    We did this waaaaay back when I was an undergraduate. The campus police weren’t happy even then.

    The last two contestants happened to be dating each other at the time. Both were extremely competitive types. Made for some awkward dates, I understand.