Windows Minus Media Player Not Big Seller

In shocking news, the version of Windows XP that comes without Media Player but costs the same as the version with Media Player is not very popular.

Windows Minus Media Player Not Big Seller (AP)

In Microsoft’s new operating system — Windows XP N — the “N” stands for “Not with Media Player.” But it might as well stand for “No Thanks.” PC makers and distributors are holding back from buying the new alternative version of Windows XP that Europe’s competition commissioner ordered Microsoft Corp. to offer as part of the punishment in the software maker’s long antitrust battle with the European Union. Windows XP N was released to distributors last week in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and will be available to the public in the next few weeks. Versions in 10 additional languages will be released in July.

The world’s largest software maker had to change its Windows operating system after EU antitrust regulators ruled last year that it abusively wielded its Windows monopoly and locked out competitors. Microsoft was fined a record euro497 million ($608 million). But computer distributors and manufacturers are so far showing little interest in the new product, which compels consumers to choose their media player and download it from the Internet.

In other news, cars without CD players that cost the same as cars with CD players are not attracting much interest, either.

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  1. Kevin Ross says:

    The problem with this article, is that it fails to account for 1 thing. Windows media player can be downloaded for free. The minus version would simply allow you to make the choice.
    Oh and james, no one is giving out free car cd players. Especialy ones that get delived in 5 minutes.
    The bigger problem with windows, is the fact that the browser is mandatory.
    That, and security problems due to integrated webrowsing. Talk about hackable design.
    The real joke here, is windows kernel.