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David Cameron: Gordon Brown Involved In Deal To Release Lockerbie Bomber


British Prime Minister David Cameron has made public documents which confirm his predecessors role in the release of the man convicted of bringing down Pan Am Flight 103.

Gordon Brown Resigns, David Cameron Becomes Prime Minister

Cameron Queen

As seemed inevitable when James wrote his post, David Cameron has become the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. BBC: Conservative leader David Cameron is the new UK prime minister after the resignation of Gordon Brown. Mr Cameron, 43, is in Downing Street after travelling to Buckingham Palace to formally accept the Queen’s request to […]

Britain After Brown

Gordon Brown 10 Downing

As Doug noted yesterday, Gordon Brown announced his resignation as prime minister and party leader in a bold gambit to secure a progressive Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition.  He failed.  All signs point to an imminent power sharing arrangement between the plurality winning Conservatives and the third place Lib Dems.   Former Sun political editor George Pascoe-Watson is […]

Iraq War: Mission Accomplished?


TNR’s Marty Peretz argues that “The Verdict Is In On The Long American Excursion In Iraq. And It Is Favorable.” He admits right at the outset that, “Of course, Iraq hasn’t turned out that well. Sunni jihadniks are still routinely murdering pious Shi’a on pilgrimage to Karbala.”  But, he contends, “There are three especially compelling […]

Heckling the President

question time

In his Daily Beast debut, Alex Massie rises in defense of Joe Wilson’s outburst. No, not so much whether Obama was lying in this particular instance but rather the very notion that it’s “inappropriate” to heckle the president.  The whole piece is worth a read but here’s a taste: Trivial though it may seem, this […]

Labour Falters


I am usually loath to comment on the domestic politics of countries other than my own but, considering the more general implications of the story, I felt that the ongoing problems being encountered by Britain’s Labour Party were worth a mention: June 7 (Bloomberg) — Gordon Brown’s Labour Party was bracing for defeat in elections […]

Gordon Brown’s Last Days

Gordon Brown Losing Grip

Despite an embarrassing drubbing of his Labour Party at the polls and the resignation of several key ministers, the UK’s Gordon Brown vows “I will not waver, I will not walk away, I will finish the work.” As I explain in my New Atlanticist post “Britain’s Brown on Borrowed Time,” that’s unlikely to happen.  Nor […]

U.S. Presidents and Royal Protocol


The Obamas are coming under criticism from around the blogosphere for their dealings with royals.  First, Barack Obama gave Queen Elizabeth II a video iPod filled with some rather add materials (along with an actually thoughtful gift).  Then, Michelle Obama got into trouble for getting too familiar with the the queen.  Now, Barack Obama is […]

G20 Summit: Don’t Expect Much


In my New Atlanticist piece, “Brown Global Stimulus Plea Falls on Deaf Ears,” I explain why we shouldn’t expect much to come out of next week’s summit of G20 leaders in London. I also go Janis Joplin on Gordon Brown. Photo: Edmunds

Obama’s Afghanistan Plan: Same as the Old Plan?

Obama Afghanistan Plan Announcement

President Obama’s new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan has won the backhanded praise of Hamid Karzai, who termed it “better than we were expecting.”  Gordon Brown has lauded the plan as well and called for NATO to do more.  Even the neocons are happy with Max Boot pronouncing it “pretty much all that supporters of […]

Obama Snubs Sarkozy with Chirac Overture?


Fresh off the heels of snubbing Gordon Brown by not holding a joint press conference with him and giving him a gift that could have been purchased at Wal-Mart, Barack Obama has annoyed Nicolas Sarkozy by sending a mash note to former French president Jacques Chirac asserting that, “I am certain that we will be […]

Obama Gave Brown Unplayable DVDs

Psycho Poster 1960

You can’t make this stuff up: While not exactly a film buff, Gordon Brown was touched when Barack Obama gave him a set of 25 classic American movies — including Psycho, starring Anthony Perkins on his recent visit to Washington. Alas, when the PM settled down to begin watching them the other night, he found […]

Don’t Know Much About Foreign Policy

Pew News Interest Survey

A new Pew study on the media habits of the American people finds that people who rely on a combination of traditional news sources and the Internet are smarter and more affluent than those who rely on either alone and, not surprisingly, “spend more time with the news on a typical day.” What’s people’s favorite […]

Labour, Brown Lose Big in Glasgow


The Scottish Nationalist Party took one of Labour’s safest seats in a rather dramatic and unexpected upset that marks yet another setback for British prime minister Gordon Brown: Unfortunately for Labour, Glasgow is only the latest in a string of woeful electoral performances for the party under Mr Brown’s leadership. His party lost the London […]