7-Day Average: Over 100K Cases

Yet another wave.

The 7-day rolling daily average of Covid-19 cases in the US has risen to 101,254:

With a few states not yet entered into today’s tally, the number of new cases stands at 130,706.

The state with the largest raw number of cases remains Florida, with 22,783 as of this writing.

Deaths today are currently at 750. Death lags cases. We can only hope that since we know better how to treat the disease coupled with some cases being in younger people who are less likely to die, as well as being some break-through cases of the vaccinated that these that we will not see as big a spike in death as we did during the last wave. But that number is going to rise over the next week, the question is going to be at what rate.

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  1. gVOR08 says:

    FL hospitals are short on oxygen. There’s apparently plenty of oxygen, but it’s in the wrong places. And trucking oxygen is, quite properly, heavily regulated and there aren’t enough qualified drivers. Except there are, if they can waive some rules on work hours and such, which they can and have done before on the strength of an emergency declaration. Which Governor DeUseless won’t reissue.

    The linked piece has a prediction that DeSantis will come out on top if the economy and hospital systems survive. The hospitals will survive, with heroic efforts, and the economy isn’t really under threat. The only downside is another few thousand Floridians will die for Ron DeSantis presidential hopes.

  2. EddieInCA says:

    Spoke to friends in Austin and Houston. Houston is completely out of hospital beds. Not ICU beds. All hospital beds. Austin has less than 5% of hospital beds left. Dallas has about 10% of hospital beds left, and the rate is still rising, not declining. A friend in Plano was supposed to have knee surgery tomorrow, it’s been postponed until the hospital has beds. He may fly to NYC to have his surgery.

  3. charon says:


    BREAKING—Florida is caught underreporting #COVID19 deaths by 3.5x. Instead of the reported “175” deaths, the actual net increase in #COVID deaths is 616 in one week. Fuzzy math


  4. charon says:

    4) Furthermore, Florida has a trick up it’s sneaky sleeve… unlike most other states that report any deaths in their state’s hospitals, Florida will only count deaths if someone dies and they are a legal bonafide Florida resident! Let’s not forget just how fluid FL population is.

  5. charon says:
  6. charon says:


    Death reporting is always highly political. But in the age of Covid has become absurdly so.

  7. charon says:

    So watch hospitalizations, data harder to fake/manipulate than cases or deaths.

  8. charon says:

    More re hospitalizations:



    “Every state with a higher hospitalization rate than the country overall has a lower vaccination rate”
    “Every state with a higher vaccination rate than the country has a lower hospitalization rate”

  9. charon says:
  10. Jax says: