Alvin Greene Howls, Wails At Reporter

If you thought Sharron Angle’s “don’t answer questions” press relations strategy was odd, you haven’t seen anything yet:

MANNING, SC (WIS) – In a bizarre interview at his home in Manning, South Carolina, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, Alvin Green said he is not quitting the race even after his indictment on a felony charge of obscenity.

Greene, who surprised everyone by winning the Democratic primary then ordered reporter Rad Berky from NBC affiliate WCNC off of his property.

When Berky stopped briefly to talk with Greene’s brother Jimmy, Alvin Greene began howling and wailing the words, “no” and “go.”


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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Gerry Cooper says:

    Vivian, Today I received a suspicious call-back message on my answering machjne. It claimed to be a collection agency, and had unusual dubbed-in uses of my name. I called back, got some usual responses, and some odd ones. The worst was, “Can we have your Social.” I said, “You are violating Virginia law with that request.” They began to back off, but did mention “Wachovia and Wells Fargo,” where I have accounts. So I signed off and called the fraud division at Wachovia, who said they’d pursue the matter.
    And yes, they said Senior Citizens are reporting much of this fraudulent activity, both online and by phone.
    So I hope you’ll alert your readers to these scams. The rule of thumb: NEVER GIVE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO ANYONE. Also, banks do not call or email clients out of the blue about their accounts. If you get such a call or email, do not respond–take it to your bank’s branch and ask for help.
    Thanks, Gerry