Former President Bill Clinton to Undergo Heart Operation

Clinton to Undergo Heart Operation (Reuters)

Former President Bill Clinton will undergo a low-risk operation to remove scar tissue and fluid from around his heart, his office said on Tuesday. “President Bill Clinton will be undergoing a medical procedure this week to remove fluid and scar tissue from his left chest cavity,” his office said in a statement. “The procedure, which is a recognized, occasional consequence of open-heart surgery, will take place Thursday at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and he will remain in the hospital for three to ten days,” it added. Clinton had open-heart surgery last year.

The White House said he was going ahead with a planned meeting with President Bush later on Tuesday to brief him on a trip across Asia to review aid operations following the tsunami disaster in the region. The meeting will also include former President Bush, who went on the Asian trip with Clinton. “He’s coming to the White House today,” said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

My best wishes. The Bush 41-Clinton tag team has been interesting to watch.

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