Congressman’s Niece Is Sports Illustrated Cover Model

Sometimes, writing about politics isn’t boring after all:

Model Kate Upton, who appears on the cover of the swimsuit issue of ‘Sports Illustrated’ this month, said Thursday her uncle, Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich), is proud of her for earning the cover shot.

“I have a very close and supportive family and they’re all very proud of me,” she told Fox News. Asked if she’s heard from Upton—who she called “Uncle Fred”—since her cover shot came out, she said, “of course.”

Upton’s office said he does not comment on family members when asked by The Hill earlier this week.

Might actually help him in November.

Doug Mataconis
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  1. Hey Norm says:

    Kate is hotter than the surface of the Sun.
    Fred is an idiot.
    He’s the guy that criticized the Solyndra debacle repeating the same brain-dead Libertarian meme: “…“It is not the role of government to pick winners and losers…” while at the very same time requesting funding for automakers, a wind turbine maker, a biofuels refinery, a smart-grid project, a battery company and a water wave energy firm, from the DOE. Specifically he requested money for Michigan based United Solar Ovonics…which wasn’t granted. USO subsequently announced that it was suspending all manufacturing, laying off 500 workers and putting 400 others on furlough.

  2. Hey Norm says:

    By the way…it’s spelled NIECE.

  3. Hey Norm says:

    You’re welcome.

  4. MBunge says:

    Does this mean we’re going to get a Congressional investigation in the obvious binki material shortage?


  5. Scott O. says:

    Mitt’s vp?

  6. Victor says:

    @Hey Norm: I spell it “Nice!”

  7. Rob in CT says:

    Heh, nice excuse to post a picture of the SI Swimsuit edition. 🙂

  8. Jr says:

    Better keep her away from Newt……

  9. Hey Norm says:

    Pan down…is that an aspirin between her knees???

  10. mike says:

    I vote him for president. Esp if he can get her to do playboy

  11. Ben says:

    They still make the SI Swimsuit edition? Who still buys it?